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Floor and Grandfather Clocks

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Posted August 31, 2012

Are you spending this Labor Day weekend looking for great sales and discounts on Howard Miller Floor Clocks or Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks? Have you noticed that the large department stores no longer stock grandfather clocks, so that you can see these floor clocks on display. In New York City, about 10 years ago, Fortunoff used to stock mechanical grandfather clocks made by Howard Miller, even if in small numbers. Then about 7 years ago, they stopped stocking not only floor clocks but also mechanical mantel clocks and mechanical wall clocks. The did have some of these floor, mantle and wall clocks on display in their suburban locations only, but then as most readers of this clocks blog will know, they went not only out of the grandfather floor clocks, wall clocks and mantel clocks market, but out of business entirely.

Fortunoff was not only a victim of the recession and perhaps other ills. They also carried fine jewelry including diamond earrings and engagement rings and wedding presents, and well as being a mainstay in the wedding registry and bridal gifts and shopping, and also best man gifts market niche. People would also register for their favorite china pattern there, including Royal Doulton, Villeroy and Bosch, Wedgewood China and many others. The author of this blog post used to use it and Tiffany Company as a place of choice not only for great wedding gifts but also for the perfect anniversary present.

Probably not too surprising for the readers of Clocks Blog, we have found the gift of time, namely grandfather clocks and floor clocks, not to mention mantel clocks and wall clocks, to be the ideal heirloom quality present to gift for that special occasion, wedding it be an engagement present, a marriage or wedding gift, a special anniversary, a milestone birthday, a gift for a special promotion or even as a great special thank you gift. We have many young adults who purchase a floor clock as the ideal anniversary present for a 20th or 25th or 30th or 50th anniversary present from child or children to parents. We have frequently been asked about our own grandfather clocks bridal registry service. More recently, we have been getting inquiries of all kinds specifically related to gay weddings and the perfect gay wedding gift or wedding present, as the laws are changing regarding both marriage and civil ceremonies around the country.

Even in the age of iPods and iPads and Flat Screen TVs, not to mention gaming systems and cable television and satellite programming, and even the ability to record and play more and more content, and even have it streamed to households, we are finding that many many people still to this day and therefore it is safe to say going forward to not consider a house or an apartment a home unless it has a floor clock, chiming Westminster wall clock, mechanical mantel clock or triple chime grandfather clock to make a house a home.

Floor Clocks and Grandfather Clocks – some leading makers

Howard Miller Floor Clocks

Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

Hermle Floor Clocks

Kieninger Grandfather Clocks and Floor Clocks

Americana Floor Clocks and Grandfather Clock selection – stay tuned for more on this

Hentschel Grandfather Clocks

As well as some of the makers of yesteryear, including

Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks

Sligh Floor Clocks

Bulova Grandfather Clocks

Museum Grandfather Clocks

Kuemple Chime Floor Clocks and Grandfather and Floor Clock Kits

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