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1-800-4CLOCKS is An Authorized Dealer for the Hermle Clocks Company.

Hermle Clock craftsmanship is as reliable as clockwork. The clockmaker's precision in all of its mechanical clocks is in many ways both legendary and mythic, and yet it is common practice at each of the Hermle Clock facilities in Germany and the USA. Hermle's company values, in the manufacture of specialty clocks including Tellurium and Astrolabium, Grandfather Clocks, Wall Clocks and Regulators, Mantel Clocks and more embrace un-paralleled product quality and reliability, and its customer service is second to none. Decades of German craftsmanship, knowledge, and quality assurance are packaged into every Hermle clock produced.

Choose Your Type of Clock from Our Complete Selection of Hermle Clocks.

Hermle Tellurium Astrolabium Clocks

Also known as Orreries, they are among the most magical of timepieces, linking time and planets and space in motion.

Hermle Grandfather Clocks Floor Clocks

With designs from traditional to eloquent modern, Hermle Grandfather clocks instill a sense of timeless prestige to any room.

Hermle Grandmother Clocks

Slightly smaller than their Grandfather contemporaries, grandmother clocks are a great option for smaller spaces.

Hermle Regulators and Wall Clocks

Add a unique design element to any wall with Hermle's large selection of the finest wall clocks in contemporary and regulator styles.

Hermle Mantel Clocks

A sure fire way to spruce up a fireplace, bookself or desktop. 1-800-4Clocks has over 70 Hermle Mantel Clocks to choose from.

Hermle Automata and Specialty Clocks

Unique and hard to find speciality clocks from Hermle. As an Authorized Hermle Dealer, 1-800-4Clocks has them all.

As Of: 09/20/2019