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Why New vs. Antique Clock?

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Why Buy a New vs. Antique Clock?

Grandfather clock buyers choosing between a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock or Hermle Floor clock, compared to an Antique Tiffany or Waltham Grandfather Clock, have many factors to consider. This is as true when considering a new Howard Miller Mantle Clock or Hermle Wall Clock vs. an antique mantel or wall clock.

We Absolutely Love Antique Clocks .... In Fact We Sell Many of Them on This Site, and Have Bought and Sold and Collected Them For Years. As Experts in the Field of Horology, We Feel There Are Ever-Increasing Reasons to Seriously Contemplate Buying a Brand New Clock vs. an Antique:

  • Know What You Are Getting -- from an Authorized Dealer
  • Arrives Fully Working -- and Comes With a Warranty
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Not Counterfeits or Reproductions -- Increasingly Common Problem on eBay & Elsewhere -- No Risk of Overpaying
  • Not Restored to Point Where It's Really No Longer an Antique -- Many "Antique" clocks, Even Among the Most Expensive Ones, Have Been Restored To Such a Degree That They Really Are Only a Shadow of Their Original Composition.

As Of: 07/15/2024