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1-800-4CLOCKS is proud to be Authorized Dealer for Ridgeway Clocks, and to showcase their full line of clocks, from grandfather clocks, including the newly launched Biltmore Series, to mantel clocks, wall clocks, and much more. Please shop or view online today!

Ridgeway Clocks began as The Gravely Furniture Company in 1926 and started producing Grandfather Clocks exclusively in 1960. This makes Ridgeway the oldest continuously produced grandfather clock brand in the United States . Tens of thousands of Ridgeway Clocks since 1960 are part of American families' legacies to be handed down through generations.

Shouldn't your family start its History and your Legacy with a Ridgeway Grandfather Clock?

Ridgeway mechanical grandfather clocks are still crafted by American clockmakers. This insures that each clock is built correctly. With care your Ridgeway will become the heirloom passed through generations of your family. Ridgeway is an innovator in the grandfather clock category. We not only offer traditional 8-day mechanical chiming movements and dual chime quartz movements but these exclusive industry first:

  • The world's only clock that plays "God Bless America" "America the Beautiful" and Traditional Westminster chimes.
  • Never-Wind: The industry's only synchronous grandfather clock - all the beauty of a traditional weight-driven clock without the need to wind it every seven days.

Ridgeway Clocks - not only America 's oldest Grandfather Clock brand but America 's most innovative.

Ridgeway has recently introduced the Biltmore Grandfather Clock Collection, as well as Biltmore Wall Clocks, Mantel Clocks, and more. Chiming mantel clocks and curio clocks, decorator regulators, outdoor clocks, oversized wall clocks, traditional grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantle clocks and much more our part of the Ridgeway Clocks collection.

The Ridgeway Clocks Furniture Company has embraced a core philosophy to deliver a quality product according to our standards and your expectations. We strive diligently for continuous improvement throughout our organization and this results in a product that you can be proud to own, display and use in your home.

Ridgeway Furniture Company is committed to servicing our authorized dealer base with exceptional performance. This allows the Ridgeway dealer to satisfy your desires and needs in a professional and timely fashion. We recognize you as the ultimate consumer and will continually strive to insure that your needs are met.

Clocks are a handcrafted product and lead times can vary. Ridgeway Furniture Company has directed millions of dollars and man hours into production and inventory so that your purchases can be immediately fulfilled. If there should be a delay in satisfying your purchase, Ridgeway will be in regular communication with your authorized dealer so that you receive timely and truthful information.

Proudly still made by Americans for the World.

As Of: 06/14/2024