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Mantel Clocks or Mantle Clocks American European

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Posted February 7, 2008

Do you spell tabletop clocks as or Mantel Clocks? An interesting language dynamic which affects how people buy and sell clocks has to do with this often seen simple variation on the spelling of either mantel clocks or mantle clocks. Both are correct. Major clock manufacturers use both spelling all the time. A simple of the 2 terms on Google (now is the time to make a guess as to which is more popular) shows - we just looked - about 194,000 search results for mantel clocks and 199,000 for the mantle clocks spelling. We view that as a strikingly similar number for the spelling variation.

Our general understanding, without having performed a scientific analysis, is that mantel clocks is generally the American spelling, and that mantle clocks is generally the British spelling. Take geographic considerations into account, and the first is more popular in all of North America and the latter more popular in all of Europe.

Less of a variation than vs. tall case clocks and long case clocks, but nonetheless a very interesting one. If one looks at the manufacturers of new clocks, not surprisingly, Howard Miller Clocks, based in the USA, tends to use the mantel clocks spelling, while Hermle Clocks, based in Germany, tends to use the mantle clocks spelling.

Also, antique clocks, most of which were made in Europe, if one looks at the history of clocks, will frequently be seen with the Mantle Clocks spelling.

Personally, we like Bracket Clocks, and are pleased that there appears to be only way to spell wall clocks.

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