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Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

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Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Posted December 2, 2012

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks are considered by most to certainly be the highest-end grandfather clock brand available today. Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks have the greatest brand name recognition and awareness in the marketplace today. Interestingly. Howard Miller Clocks acquired Ridgeway Clocks, another leading grandfather clock manufacturer and the longest continuing grandfather clock maker to be in continuous production in the USA – going on something like 110 years as of now.

Given that Howard Miller Clocks acquired Ridgeway Clocks, perhaps 10 years ago, and maybe 6-7 years ago consolidation production and grandfather clock design in the main Howard Miller Clock facility in Michigan – Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks had been produced and headquartered in Virginia – there is currently really no difference between a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock and a comparable Ridgeway grandfather Clock except for the name on the dial. Howard Miller was smart to keep the Ridgeway Clocks brand, as it is a very highly regarded brand as well with many loyal customers and a lot of brand name recognition.

Having said that, Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks and Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks are all presently made in the same place in Michigan, designed by the same people, and aside from different styles and models having different names, use the identical Kieninger Clocks mechanical grandfather clock movement in each of their clocks. Even so, a grandfather clocks shopper much be knowledgeable about what features are built into the clock, as well as differences between grandfather clock case design, although aside from the weight and intricate carving and molding and grandfather clock inlay and such, the grandfather clock case itself is really a matter of personal taste and design preference.

Grandfather clock chimes are important to note, with the Westminster Chimes being the most popular, and others including the Ave Maria and Ode to Joy, available on a small number of mechanical grandfather clocks, and Whittington and St Michaels Chimes being the more traditional chime in addition to the Westminster on clocks that have triple chimes built in to the mechanism.

Features such as a rotating moonphase dial following the lunar cycle, as well as as auto night shutoff, lit cabinets, illuminated dials, and chime-silence options are some of the other features that are important to understand. It is also critical to know the difference between a chain driven mechanical grandfather clock and a cable driven mechanical grandfather clock. Other considerations are more esthetic, such as traditional grandfather clocks vs contemporary grandfather clocks, and split pediment tops, also known as swans neck, compared to a bonnet top or somewhat rounded top, not to mention the rectangular shaped grandfather clock tops which can be either traditional or contemporary.

We at 1-800-4CLOCKS.com are always happy to spend the time to educate customers at their own pace and leisure so that they can end up with something that they know and understand and want. We can always be reached at 1-800-4CLOCKS, ext. 1, or 1-800-425-6257, ext. 1 in easier to understand telephone language.

Other high quality brands are out there as well, including Hermle Grandfather Clocks, Americana Grandfather Clocks, and our own Museum Clocks Grandfather Clocks. Many famous names are no longer making grandfather clocks, including Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks, Bulova Grandfather Clocks, Sligh Grandfather Clcoks, and Herschede Grandfather Clocks.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks at 1-800-4CLOCKS.com

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks at 1-800-4CLOCKS.com and 1-800-4CLOCKS

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