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New Tower Clocks and Street Clocks

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The Best Tower Clock and Street Clock Selection Anywhere

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Tower Clocks, as seen in clock towers, whether new or antique, are a custom sale. We are experts in meeting all aspects of your needs with both antique and new tower clocks, including most any kind of clock tower repairs or restoration. This is true for every antique street clock and new or reproduction street clocks as well.

The Street and Tower Clock Experts

Call us to discuss all your tower clock issues and needs, including tower clock repair, replacement or removal. We specialize in E. Howard tower clocks, Seth Thomas Tower Clocks, and large or complicated clocks made by the Self Winding Clock Company, Standard Electric Clock Company, International Time Recorder (ITR) Clocks, IBM Tower Clocks, and the Electric Time Clock Company.

Dedicated to Meeting Your Custom Needs for Every New and Antique Street Clock or Tower Clock

Seth Thomas tower clocks and other clocks are a marvel of ingenuity, but they're also very large and complicated mechanisms. We have extensive experience with installing and maintaining most all tower clocks and street clocks, both new and antique.

From tower clock repair to the best selection of street and tower clocks online, 1-800-4-clocks.com is your clock resource. Call us to discuss your tower clock and street clock needs, whether for a new clock, repair, maintenance, or any issue involving antique clock tower or antique street clocks!

Tower Clock & Street Clock Sales, Restoration, and Repair Services

Expert Clock Tower and Street Clock Repairs, Restoration, and Installation

Tower and street clocks, also known as "everyone's pocket watch", often become a symbol of the City or Town in which they reside. As a result, it is especially important that they are maintained in good working order because they are town representatives. We have over ten years of experience within this specialty area of Tower Clock and Street Clock Repair, Restoration and Installation -- both with Antique Tower Clocks and Street Clocks, as well as newer and more modern and completely new Tower Clock and Street Clock Installation. A brief look at only a partial list of Clock Tower and Street Clock work performed should give you a high comfort level that your Clock or Installation could not be in better hands.

Each Tower Clock Restoration or Installation is Unique.

Please call us at 1-800-4CLOCKS for a FREE consultation!

Our mission is to get your Tower Clock or Street clock repaired, restored or installed, while working within your budget. With cost efficiency in mind, we are generally able to provide our customers with several options for their project. We are experienced with both mechanical and electro-mechanical clock restorations, and are members of the NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors).

See below for several examples of recently completed tower clock and street clock restoration, repair, and installation work.

Recent Examples of Tower Clock and Street Clock Restoration, Repairs and Installation Experience:

The following is a representative and only partial listing of some of our recently completed Tower Clock and Street Clock work, along with photos. One can click on any of the links to see a description of the work performed, as well as a photo. Alternatively, one can simply "scroll down" to see these examples of tower clocks and street clocks work recently performed: 

United States Federal Courthouse, Main Courtroom, Centre Street, Manhattan, NY

Brown University, Corporation Room, Providence, RI

Yale University, Pierson College, New Haven, CT

New York Presbyterian Hospital, White Plains, NY

New York City Parks Department, Astoria Park Pool, Queens, NY

Congregational Church, Main Street, East Hartford, CT

Valley Bank, Bristol, CT

United States Federal Cou

As Of: 10/07/2017