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Posted May 2, 2013

At 1-800-4CLOCKS.com, we are well aware that grandfather clock shoppers looking for grandfather clocks for sale or high-end discount grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks may look to such places as grandfather clock warehouse sales, grandfather clock outlet sites, or those sometimes disingenuous grandfather clocks store going out of business sales. Many of these are marketing gimmicks by slick clock retailers trying to lure in smart grandfather clock shoppers who are reasonably looking to get the best grandfather clock discount they can on the grandfather or floor clock brand or particular model they may have already scoped out.

Make no mistake. We think the purchase of a new or antique grandfather clock or grandmother clock, whether one of the Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Hermle Floor Clocks, Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks, Americana Grandfather Clocks or the ultra high-end Kieninger Grandfather Clocks is a very serious purchase decision, and should be made thoughtfully and with great care not only because of the value of the item, but also because it is or should be an heirloom piece that you will want to pass from generation to generation and has a very good chance of still being prized as an heirloom antique grandfather clock 100 years from now.

When talking about grandfather clock warehouse sales, we feel we would be remiss in not also addressing the warehouse clubs like Costco and BJs and Sams Club. It is especially worthy for the informed shopper to be aware that while, occasionally, some of the same models we at 1-800-4CLOCKS will sell may sometimes find their way into one of these price clubs, but much more often than not the manufacturers make special models which are available to and sold by only these price club warehouse stores. We get hundreds of calls from people wanting to find out how great a deal they got on the xyz model grandfather clock, and in those cases we can only tell them that in reality there is no real MSRP because these models are made only to be sold in these outlets. Which is not to say it may not be a good purchase. Having said that, we believe in an eyes wide open shopping and research approach to your grandfather clocks purchase. Do your homework. Find people who really understand the different makers, models, features, quality and much more (good luck finding that at Costco!). This is why niche clock retailers like 1-800-4CLOCKS, who are happy to take the time necessary to answer any/all questions about particular grandfather clock models, and differences within and between brands and features, can make the grandfather clock shopping experience that much more valuable to a prospective grandfather clock owner. And more than likely, you will end up saving money shopping with us as well.

Back to a grandfather clocks warehouse. there is another element to buying from a grandfather clock or clocks retailer who has the option of shipping a clock to you “factory fresh” from the actual maker of the clock. The greatest benefit is that the clock ships only once, thereby minimizing the chance of any shipping damage, which can be all-too disappointing, upon its receipt. We work with you to make sure you are covered if this happens, but who wants to go through all the extra time and “pain and suffering” involved in these instances. the other main advantages are that you know 100% you are getting a brand new factory fresh clock, and with zero chance of any counterfeiting or unknowingly being stuck with some grandfather clock floor model when you had every reason to think you were getting a brand new “out of the box” grandfather clock.

So do you think we should be advertising grandfather clocks warehouse sales? To date, we never have, but we can offer all the benefits of one.

Grandfather clock shoppers – we would love to get your reaction.

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