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When Only a Grandfather Clock Will Do

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Posted October 28, 2008

There are those spaces in all of our homes that call out for something very specific; something very particular that is the only thing that will fit the bill. When I moved into my new home I was terrified by the amount of space, to be honest. It is not that I did not love the wide hallways, the closets, and the rooms that flowed easily one into the next. It was that I was unsure of myself in terms of actually placing things in my home that would work in terms of style and scale.

This one part of the house has very high ceilings and lots of natural light. While it is not really a room, more of a landing between the first and second floor, it is one of my very favorite spots in the whole house. There was enough room there to put a big overstuffed chair and reading lamp, which I did, so that there was a quiet little nook where you could read a book or just watch the rain outside on the windows. But it needed something else. And I knew just what it was; a grandfather clock.

I began my search for a grandfather clock through many traditional stores and outlets. But not just any grandfather clock would do. I knew that I would know it when I saw it. And I did, online. Once I began searching for that special grandfather clock through online resources I found exactly what I wanted, exactly what I loved, on this great website. Now my quiet little nook is exactly what I envisioned.

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