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Wedding Presents for Gay and Lesbian Couples in NY

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Posted June 29, 2011

Well, as most readers of this Blog already know, gay marriage has been approved in New York State, the largest such State to change its laws in this regard to date.

Without getting overtly political, if that is even the right word, we certainly cheer equality under the law.

So know down to the really important stuff – wink – what is the perfect wedding gift for a gay or lesbian couple? How about a perfect Anniversary Gift? Or an ideal gift from one of the parent(s) of of the wedding party. Well, you probably won’t jump out of your seat in shock, but we have witnessed that on thousands of occasions that grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks, and even a special wall clock or mantel clock, can make a fantastic gift for the newly wedded couple.

While there’s no doubt, whatever one thinks on this subject, that the times are a changing. One of the really cool things about a grandfather clock, same is with a mechanical chiming mantle clock or wall clock, is that it is like having a piece of the past with us today. And whatever one things about the past, no one can argue with the fact that the past, with all its greatness and flaws, has brought us to where we are today.

So when contemplating the ideal wedding present for a newly married gay or lesbian couple, and even heterosexual couples, do not forget to the about adding a grandfather clock as the new heartbeat to the home.

By the way, grandfather clocks are cherished and appreciated as wedding gifts not only in New York, but also around the USA, and even globally. Wall clocks and mantel clocks too.

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