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Posted July 24, 2010

Wall clocks in hospitals large and small, as well as in colleges and universities, along with all major businesses, have a continuing need for wall clocks. It can be especially important to have clocks that keep good time and do not break down, so that hospital workers and office individuals are not disagreeing about whether the quitting time has actually arrived or not.

Even hospital purchasing organizations, procurement divisions of government, businesses and other organizations are always seeking to maintain and improve the systems in place to track time, and wall clocks, not surprisingly, are the clock of choice.

When it comes to accuracy, radio controlled or atomic clocks have gained much favor and general acceptance by major institutions. Many purchase just a few to test them out to ensure they will work well for them. There is also a technology known as an Autoset or Auto Set clock which is generally not an atomic, but does automatically move forward an hour and back an hour on the appropriate days for changes in daylight savings time.

There are a tremendous variety of clocks to choose from. Even within the atomic wall clock category, there are atomic analog wall clocks, atomic digital wall clocks, clocks which may show the date, the day of the week, and even the temperature in the room. The atomic analog clocks come in wood finishes, as well as hard plastic and glass. The size of the digits in digital atomic wall clocks generally vary from 1-2 inches, and the size of atomic analog wall clocks are generally about 10 inches to 16 inches in diameter, with 12 inches being by far the most popular models offered and sold.

The most popular makers of atomic wall clocks include Howard Miller Clocks, LaCrosse Clocks, ITC Clocks and Infinity Clocks. The Howard Miller Wall Clocks are especially popular, and all are good sellers. We can also customize many of the wall clocks with logos or in other ways that customers desire.

Additional clocks which are not atomic clocks open up a wide range of styles and choices, including oversize and gallery wall clocks, contemporary wall clocks, many traditional wall clock styles, some designer wall clocks, and still a choice of analog vs. digital wall clocks. Wall clocks by Howard Miller, Seth Thomas Wall Clocks, Infinity Instruments wall clocks, La Crosse Wall Clocks, Hermle Wall Clocks and the Ridge wall Clock and Bulova Wall Clocks Collections offer many many choices to wall clock shoppers and those seeking wall clocks discounts.

We cater especially to institutions who are looking for custom wall clocks or other forms of personalized wall clock design or unique implementation. Promotional wall clocks, and clocks as awards or gifts for executives are also a specialty, but tend to generally be more used with mantle clocks, with custom Movado Clocks being especially popular, whether a crystal Movado clock or a more traditional corporate clock look.

Call us for all your volume custom wall clock needs and options.

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