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Posted September 18, 2008

I recently moved into my own place, something that you would most certainly not refer to as palatial, but all mine nonetheless. I am finally an independent person, living on my own, working at a great job, and out from any restrictions imposed by my parents (which also means, of course, that I'm giving up those meals and a super convenient laundry situation, but, hey, it's a trade off). Of course, the first thing that I wanted to do once I moved in here was to make this place my own, decorate it so that it showcased my personality, but do it in a way that was affordable as money was tight.

I set about painting the walls which was easy enough and very affordable. And then I went to work seeking out those items that would work within the space that I had and strike the ultimate balance, reflecting my personality and accomplishing it within my budget.

After finding great pieces of furniture in a number of discount stores (and even thrift stores, great places if you know where to look), I started to arrange things in my new home. Everything was coming together but it soon became more than obvious that the wall space was going to be a bit of a problem. I had painted the walls really fun colors but that didn't make up for the fact that I had absolutely nothing hung on them. I had taken a look at some artwork but found that much of it was way too expensive so I opted to frame and hang some photographs that I had taken; but still something was missing.

That's when I found this really great website that specializes in all things clocks. I don't know why I had not thought of it before, I guess I just immediately thought of boring and traditional when I thought of clocks, but this site changed that tune almost immediately. It turns out there are amazingly beautiful clocks, made by top manufacturers in designs and styles that are anything but ordinary or traditional. I wound up finding an amazing wall clock , in just my style, that fit perfectly on my wall and was in my budget. Now, my home has come together in terms of style and the wall clock was the icing on the cake.

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