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Wall Clocks by Ty Pennington and Howard Miller

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Posted August 23, 2010

Howard Miller has introduced wall clocks and oversized wall clocks designed by Ty Pennington. The wall clocks all bear Ty Pennington’s signature. While most of the readers of this blog will we believe likely know who Ty Pennington is, for those of you who don’t, he is a very well-respected designer (and “jack of many trades”) who is known probably best for his role in the ABC Television Show Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

In addition to wall clocks designed by Ty Pennington and made by Howard Miller Clocks, grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks, including a waterfall floor clock, have also been made and introduced into the Howard Miller Ty Pennington Clock Collection.

Gallery Clock, or clocks we define as being oversize and minimally 15 inches in diameter, with many being 30 or more inches in diameter. There are some very stylish and contemporary wall clocks and gallery clocks. The grandfather clocks or floor clocks are also worthy of a special look!

One of the favorite clocks of this blog post’s author is the Howard Miller Joslin Wall Clock, which can be seen below, and also has a similarly designed grandfather clock called the Howard Miller Joslin Grandfather Clock.

Here is a picture of the Howard Miller Joslin Wall Clock:

Howard Miller Joslin Wall Clock 625-470 625470Howard Miller Joslin Wall Clock by Ty Pennington, Model 625-470 625470

It is very much worth it to look at it side-by-side with the Howard Miller Joslin Grandfather Clock:

Howard Miller Joslin Grandfather Floor Clock Model 611-156 611156Howard Miller Joslin Floor Grandfather Clock by Ty Pennington, Model 611-156 611156

Can you imagine the Home Decor statement made by having BOTH of these amazing Howard Miller Ty Pennington clocks in your home. We think for many tastes this may be a dream come true, and we know that interior decorators and interior designers are taking note.

Stay tuned for more introductions of wall clocks, grandfather clocks, mantel clocks (we hope), and many other Howard Miller Clocks and other furniture pieces designed by Ty Pennington.

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