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Used Grandfather Clock for Sale

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One question faced buy many prospective grandfather clocks purchasers, who are not looking for vintage or antique grandfather clocks, is whether they should purchase a brand new grandfather clock, such as those by Howard Miller Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, Kieninger or Hermle Clocks, or whether they might buy one from an another individual or even a store that sells pre-owned grandfather clocks.

There are many factors to consider, and there is no one absolute correct answer or path to the grandfather clock that is perfect for you. There are actually some similarities between buying a used grandfather clock and and used car. There is the reality for both automobiles and grandfather clocks that they both lose some value when they their the showroom or factory warehouse. While both an old or antique car and an antique grandfather clock can historically be worth a lot more than the original investment, in both cases it takes some time for the grandfather clock or automobile to become an antique.

The years the models were made, and that different models and designs go into and out of production is also something to consider when looking at grandfather clocks, as with autos. If there is an older model grandfather clock of a specific design which you can't find on any new model, then that is a very good reason to give some special consideration to the used grandfather clock or grandmother clock of a style or design that is not currently made or readily available as a new clock. While many high-end grandfather clock makers offer a wide variety of designs, there is the reality that many models are retired or discontinued, and an older grandfather clock design may not be available as a new grandfather clock.

Grandfather clock features and contemporary grandfather clocks styles are other key aspects to consider when thinking about a new vs. used grandfather clock. Some grandfather clock features have only even begun to be available within the last dozen years, including automatic nighttime shutoff and lighted interiors of grandfather clocks, with some even now including LED lighting. Mechanical grandfather clocks chimes such as Schubert's Ave Maria and Beethoven's Ode to Joy are now available on some new grandfather clocks, but would be extremely hard if not impossible to find on vintage mechanical grandfather clocks.

The old risk of a used car becoming a money pit is another factor to consider when purchasing a grandfather clock. Like new cars, new grandfather clocks come with a manufacturer's warranty so a consumer knows they don't have to worry about becoming stuck with a so-called lemon. At 1-800-4CLOCKS.com, all of our grandfather clocks not only come with a 2 or 3 year manufacturer's warranty, but in most all cases, 1-800-4CLOCKS will double the manufacturer's warranty and no additional cost if a prospective customer simply asks us to do so. This can be a major cost savings compared to a used grandfather clock where it may have mechanical or other non-visible problems which could end costing many hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair over many years.

Transporting a grandfather clock is another element to consider. To ship a grandfather clock across the country, or even a few States away (in the USA) can easily cost an individual consumer something like a $1,000. And this assumes the grandfather clock is packed well and the individuals at both ends of a move or shipment know what to do and what not to do when moving a grandfather clock. If a clock is not properly prepared and secured, it is sadly all too easy to effectively destroy a grandfather clock during shipment. When a new grandfather clock is ship to a customer from a retailer like 1-800-4CLOCKS, not only is it packed in such a way as to minimize damage, but if a grandfather clock does arrive damaged, 1-800-4CLOCKS will stand behind the clock 100% and if the grandfather clock is not able to be made "as good as brand new" to your satisfaction, 1-800-4CLCOKS will ship a brand new replacement grandfather clock and take away the original damaged grandfather clock. Grandfather clocks damage when shipped from a grandfather clock retailer like 1-800-4CLOCKS happens rarely, and that it because the clocks are not only incredibly well-packed to begin with, but shipping and transport companies that are experienced in transporting large and fragile items are the only common carriers that are ever utilized for grandfather clocks or floor clocks shipment.

So should an individual rule out buying a used grandfather clock? Of course not. But as with a used car, go in with eyes wide open, recognize the associated risks, especially after getting the grandfather clock home safely, that one will likely be visiting the repair center much earlier than would otherwise be likely, and that there is the potential for small and big and frequent and costly potential problems. If one wants a grandfather clock that will likely not even need an adjustment, much less a repair, in the first several years you own it, purchasing a new clock would be the way to go and would bring peace of mind to a grandfather clocks shopper, including one looking for a discount.

One last note, with Black Friday and the Holiday Season approaching when looking at grandfather clocks for sale, this can be a very good time of year to find new grandfather clocks on sale and grandfather clocks discounts that you might not find other times of the year.

Used Grandfather Clock for Sale - or Car - Consider the Similarities and Differences

As Of: 06/25/2024