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Traditional vs Modern Clocks Part II

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Posted October 6, 2008

In the last post I introduced you to two of my closest friends who are completely different by nature; one is considered a modernist and showcases it in everything from the way she dresses to the way she decorates her home, anything fun, funky, and bold is perfect as far as she is concerned. My other friend, however, is much more of a traditionalist and enjoys the classics in life. What these two very different people have in common, however, is clocks, which they both happen to love.

I have already shown you how my modern friend has used clocks in her home decor in every room in her home from the kitchen to the bedroom; now let us take a look at my traditionalist friend to see how she has chosen to use clocks throughout her own house:

* A traditional grandfather clock in the front study of her home. Everything about this piece is the quintessential grandfather clock and it makes a sophisticated statement in what is typically a formal room in the home.

* A pendulum style wall clock in classic wood style in her family room. From the dark cherry wood of this classic wall clock to its simple face design, this wall clock fits perfectly in this traditionally decorated room.

* A traditional mantel clock above the fireplace and used as bookends on a traditional bookshelf. These mantel clocks are what you would expect to see in such a traditional home, lovely shades of wood and ornate carvings.

The point is that clocks can be used in every capacity, no matter if you prefer traditional design or modern decor. The choice is up to you; but it is without a doubt that clocks will fit the bill every time.

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