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Seth Thomas Clock Company Goes Out of Business

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Posted February 16, 2009

Colibri, the Owner of Seth Thomas Clocks, makers of wall clocks, mantel clocks, atomic clocks and more, was forced into Receivership last month, and sadly, apparently 250 emplyees were told on that same day that they had no jobs. Another retail victim of the recession.

The Company re-opened very briefly, with a skeleton staff to ship out orders, but closed again before they finished processing even the orders they acknowledged. The future of the company and the Seth Thomas brand is currently uncertain.

Seth Thomas Clocks is America’s oldest clock manufacturer, and has been known especially for their now antique grandfather clocks, as well as weight driven wall clocks, Sonora Bell Chime Clocks, and literally hundreds of other models of mantel clocks and wall clocks. Seth Thomas Tower Clocks and Seth Thomas Street Clocks of the antique variety are also well known, and can be compared to the quality of E Howard Tower Clocks and Street Clocks, though were produced in much greater numbers, giving time to the public. Their grandfather clock collection, specifically the antiques, are highly collectible and prized.

The Company, in our opinion, has had a rocky history, with various owners over the years, including General Instruments.

Most recently, Seth Thomas stopped offering ANY mechanical clocks of any kind, which was a great surprise to us as that was clearly what the Company was known for historically.

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