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Pet Clock&#0153 Collection

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We are delighted to have introduced our Pet Clock™ Collection in 2006. The Pet Clocks™ available to date that have been made and sold, and have been more of a prototype nature. We plan to introduce the first year's full line of the Pet Clocks™ in early-mid 2008.

Our expectation is that Pet Clocks™, including for example Dog Pet Clocks™ and Cat Pet Clocks™, will be produced both for the mass market, as well as reproductions of extraordinary antique Pet Clocks™ that were made made in Western Europe over 100 years ago, and are both incredibly rare and truly amazing to watch. The pet dog clock and pet cat clock will, we expect, be a blockbuster product line. Pet Dog Clocks and Pet Cat Clocks will make fantastic gifts for dog and cat animal lovers, and also, we fully expect, for the children's gift market.

We are proud, at roughly the same time, to be much more formally introducing our new Museum Clocks™ Collection and Green Clocks™ and Green Watches™ Collection™. We also encourage you to visit our website frequently to see the latest BOTH on Museum Clocks™, and the latest on recently introduced environment friendly Green Clocks™ and Green Watches™, which will incorporate recycled materials, solar energy, and other energy saving and environmentally friendly materials, components, and designs.

We plan/expect to align with a national Pet organization, to which a percentage of all sales will go directly to this organization.

Your input, inquiries, and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to contact us at any time.

As Of: 07/19/2024