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1-800-4CLOCKS™ is delighted to have introduced a new clock brand -- Museum Clocks™. The philosophy behind Museum Clocks™ is to offer high quality reproductions of extraordinary clocks of the quality, rarity, and design appeal that one might find in a clock only on exhibit in Museums, or the most special clocks sold at places like Sothebys or Christies, but out of the price or budget range of 99% of existing collectors or interior decorators or interior designers. Museum Clocks™ have and will continue to be sold to customers knowing they are shopping for clocks made under the Museum Clocks™ trademark.

Gone is the risk of overpaying for a new reproduction one thought was an antique clock. Gone are the many and increasing risks of counterfeit antique clocks pretending to be something they are not. Gone is the risk of what used to be the clock collectors single biggest risk; that of a clock marriage -- where cases and movements are not original to one another. Nowadays, the risks in collecting clocks -- both sold as new and antique -- have increased ten-fold -- due to movements newly manufactured copying and many times being represented as being antique movements. The same holds true for clock cases, with many newly carved cases masquerading as antique clocks. The thoughtful observer will note that the many permutations that can and in fact do exist. And this does not even begin to address the many trademark, copyright, and patent infringements that are occurring on a rampant basis both online on places like eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo auctions (with it being difficult if not impossible for these and similar sellers to effectively police), as well, increasingly, being sold, many times unknowingly, by bricks and mortar stores in the USA and around the world.


The Museum Clock™ brand is meant to give individuals not only extraordinary value and truly amazing collectibles, but also timepieces that they can purchase with peace of mind and an excellent value for money spent. We welcome individuals and organizations to suggest to us specific clocks (these must of course be antique clocks that are no longer subject to any copyright, patent, or trademark protection or infringement issues) that we would consider adding to our growing product line of individual reproductions, limited editions, and new clock and watch models.

We will soon be adding to our website clocks that we have already sold under the Museum Clocks™ trademark in other venues and channels, and also some of our newer introductions. The Museum Clocks™ line includes or will include all types of clocks, including grandfather clocks, wall clocks, grandmother clocks, mantel clocks, skeleton clocks, congreve clocks, automata timepieces, mystery clocks, novelty clocks, and many others. Please follow our journey as we grow clock by clock in the years ahead!

We are especially excited to very shortly be adding a one-of-a-kind Museum Clocks™ reproduction of an amazing hand-made reproduction of an early American grandfather clock first made by the noted maker Joseph Doll, whose family immigrated to America in 1741, and settled in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Believe it or not (it is true!), a REPRODUCTION (not the original) of a clock very similar to the one we will soon be listing is in the collection of the Henry Ford Museum, which exhibits not only fine automobile or car collectibles, but also other works considered to be of great historical value. This is truly one of the most gorgeous and magnificent grandfather or tall case clocks one will ever come across, and we expect it will be of interest not only to the many American Pennsylvania tallcase collectors out there, AND to many interior decorators and interior designers looking for that one special accent piece.

We look forward to soon sharing much more details, and the mystery master craftsman, who made this most exquisite grandfather clock. We also encourage you to visit our recently introduced Pet Clock™ Collection and our Museum Time™ Collection, which also includes watches and other novel timepieces in addition to clocks.

Museum Clocks™ are sold exclusively (currently) through 1-800-4CLOCKS™. Please visit our Store in Grand Central Station, or come back and visit us online. Toll free calls are also welcome. Serious Dealer inquiries are encouraged.

As Of: 02/28/2024