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Museum Clocks Grandfather Clocks Newest Intros

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Posted November 11, 2011

We at 1-800-4CLOCKS are proud to be introducing are latest collection of Museum Clocks™ Grandfather Clocks. Each grandfather clock in the Museum Clocks™ collection is made to the very highest industry standards. Each grandfather clock made by Museum Clocks™ has a German Hermle mechanical 8 Day movement, backed by a 3 year, yes that Three Years, warranty against manufacturing defects. The cases are all made of solid wood of the type described for each individual clock, and we can safely say we don’t think you can buy a higher quality high-end grandfather clock than those we are offering under the Museum Clocks™ brand. Any day now, we will also be introducing Museum Clocks™ grandmother clocks. Many of both the grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks will resemble antique grandfather clocks one might see in a leading museum.

All of the grandfather clocks in this most recent introduction have chimes, either having the single, and most beloved, Westminster Chimes, or being triple chime grandfather clocks which will give buyers the choice of Westminster, Whittington or St Michaels chimes.

The solid wood cases are all made in North America, and as mentioned the mechanical movement is German and made by Hermle. Most of the clocks in these series will have a one week lead time before shipment after a formal order is placed. Many of the clocks will be available with multiple choices of woods, e.g. one can order the grandfather clock is cherry or walnut or oak, all solid wood grandfather clock cases. This will be one of the many distinguishing aspects of the Museum Clocks™ grandfather clock brand. We also think the grandfather clock designs will also speak for themselves. Sophisticated grandfather clock shoppers and collectors will notice a similarity between many of the Museum Clocks™ grandfather clocks and those that are no longer offered by the Sligh Grandfather Clock and Furniture company and many of the same series that were but are no longer offered by Bulova Grandfather clocks (which no longer produces grandfather clocks).

Anyone looking for grandfather clocks on sale or grandfather clock discounts will NOT be disappointed! Museum Clocks™ grandfather clocks are not only heavily discounted, but these heirloom quality grandfather clocks are also offered with both Free Shipping and Free in-home set-up in both the USA and Canada, and there is no sales tax that we charge unless it is shipping to a customer based in New York State.

This collection of heirloom quality grandfather clocks will not disappoint even the most sophisticated and knowledgeable grandfather clock shoppers looking for high-end grandfather clocks or floor clocks that will last several lifetimes, with proper care and maintenance. Most of the grandfather clocks in the most recent introduction are cable driven grandfather clocks (meaning they are wound in the dial or face with a winding crank key), and our experience tells us that these clocks, with proper care and maintenance, should reasonably easily last 50 to 100 or more years, clearly heirloom quality. There is no reason they should not last even longer. The grandfather clocks that have chain driven movements, which are still very high quality movements, and wound different, by pulling on the 3 chains connected to each weight to bring up each of the 3 weights, should last again with proper care and maintenance, up to 50 or more years quite reasonably.

One can see why we are proud to offer these to our selection of grandfather clocks offered by Howard Miller Clocks, the Hermle Clock company, Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks, and Kieninger grandfather clocks. This is now quite an assortment of heirloom collection grandfather clocks that will give even more choices to our existing customer base and new clocks customers.

We hope to also soon offer Museum Clocks™ wall clocks, and Museum Clocks™ mantel clocks, or maybe we will call them mantle clocks or table clocks. In any event, we will stick to our core principles of offering the best prices, greatest selection and savings, superior customer service, free shipping, no sales tax (unless shipping to New York), and most important, the most options so that we will meet our ultimate goal, whether for grandfather clocks or wall clocks or mantle clocks, of having customers that are 100% satisfied. Even beyond that, we aim to surprise and delight our grandfather clocks, mantel clock, and wall clock individual and organizational cultures.

Please keep giving us your feedback, and we will keep trying to earn your confidence, and offer you the widest selection of clocks and grandfather clock makers of the highest end, as reasonably possible and to what we view as being in your best interest.

Museum Clocks™ Rimbault Grandfather Clock

Museum Clocks™ Rimbault Grandfather Clock model M23814, part of our newest Museum Clocks™ grandfather clocks collection

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