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Miniature Big Ben Grandfather Clock

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Posted May 22, 2012

Are you an admirer of London’s Big Ben Tower Clock in the Parliament complex near Westminster Abbey. I don’t thing there are very many people out there who have seen it who would not also be an admirer. Any disagreement about that point, definitely let us know.

So what if you could have Big Ben in your home, or stand next to Big Ben and have it not look too much bigger than you? You won’t believe what you see below, which is incredible, and is on exhibit at Disney in Paris:

Would you like a Big Ben Tower Grandfather Clock in Your Home or Backyard?

One has to admit this is a pretty incredible sight, and who could look at this without at least thinking about climbing to the top, like King Kong did with the Empire State Building in King Kong. Not the same worry of falling or being shot down from a few feet below in one were to attempt to scale this Big Ben Tower Clock.

Another thought evoked by this picture is a slightly smaller version of the 4 sided clock as either an amazing grandfather clock to have in one’s home or patio, and if built with sturdier construction, as a wonderful street clock which could be enjoyed in public town centers or or college campuses or retirement communities. It would need to be waterproof and able to handle colder weather, as well as having lights that can come on at night automatically, light each of the four clock’s dials. It would really be beautiful inside or outside a home or office. If you think you might actually buy a grandfather clock or street clock like this, please let us know, as well as your preference for size and features.

No doubt aside from the above, the clock would also come with the Westminster Chimes, as do most grandfather clocks sold today.

Let us know your thoughts about a Westminster Chimes Big Ben Grandfather Clock or Street clock, and what would be ideal from your perspective, and even some indication of the price you might be willing to pay. Would a German mechanical grandfather clock movement be required, or might you accept a quartz driven grandfather clock.

As always, we appreciate any feedback all the time from our customers and prospective shoppers alike.

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