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Largest Grandfather Clock Company in the World

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Posted October 9, 2010

Do you know who the largest maker of grandfather clocks is in the world? It is Howard Miller Clocks, based in Zeeland, Michigan. Howard Miller has been the leader in the high-end grandfather clock marketplace for at least a generation.

The term favored by Howard Miller Clock company for grandfather clocks is Floor Clocks. Other names for these same freestanding, pendulum enclosed weight driven clocks include tall-case clocks, longcase clocks, and also hall clocks. Shorter versions of these same clocks are known as grandmother clocks. The two most commons designs, at least for traditional grandfather clocks, are with a Swans Neck, known also as a Split Pediment top, with a finial in the middle of the top, or a bonnet which is more of a rounded top, frequently with intricately carved designs in and around the bonnet.

Howard Miller has all these clocks and more. Contemporary grandfather clocks are a staple of the Howard Miller Clock Collection. The core components of the definition of grandfather clocks on sale are have not changed, and have almost always including gonging or chiming on the hour and half-hour, and in many cases, and more and more so over time, with chimes becoming ever more present,

Howard Miller offers grandfather clocks with the basic Westminster Chime, as is used in the London Parliament Building complex including Westminster Abbey, and also also triple chime grandfather clocks that most typical include also the Whittington Chimes and the Saint Michaels Chimes. Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and Schubert’s Ave Maria have also been added as chimes in addition to the Westminster on many grandfather clock models.

Just like in centuries past, grandfather clocks are made either as cable driven grandfather clocks or chain driven grandfather clocks. Today’s high-end mechanical grandfather clocks most all have 8 day movements which are German made. It used to be that there were two distinct types of movements, whose with 8 Day Movements, and those with 30 Hour Movements which were generally made for are targeted to the hired help of those wealthy enough to afford any floor clock in the first place. Other buyers we presume were those looking for grandfather clock discounts and were more open to different types of grandfather clocks for sale.

Interestingly, if William Clement, who is largely credited with creating, or some might say inventing, in 1670 the grandfather clock form still used today in traditional grandfather clocks, saw today’s grandfather clocks, he would likely be in awe but perhaps not that surprised.

Here are some examples of Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

Howard Miller Taylor Grandfather Clock 610-648 610648

Example of Traditional Grandfather Clock from Howard Miller’s Presidential Collection -

Howard Miller Taylor Grandfather Clock 610-648 610648

Howard Miller Urban Floor III Grandfather Clock 660125 660-125

Howard Miller Urban Floor III Grandfather Clock 660125 660-125

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