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Howard Miller Presidential and Ambassador Grandfather Clocks

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Two of Howard Miller Clocks lines of the highest quality and craftsmanship include the Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather Clocks and the Howard Miller Ambassador Collection Grandfather Clocks. These Grandfather Clocks have special long cases that have an unusual degree of extra high quality workmanship including special carvings, intricate design patterns, as well as in many cases special wood inlays. These grandfather clocks all have cable-driven 8 day mechanical movements. The Presidential and Ambassador Collection clocks also have split pediment, also known as Swan's Neck top. They are all made of many woods with each case being hand-rubbed, and the woods including over cherry, oak, maple, walnut and others. These grandfather clock cases are made of solid woods and are crafted, designed and Made in the USA.

The current model Howard Miller Presidential Collection Grandfather Clocks include the Reagan Presidential Grandfather Clock model 610-999 or 610999, the Howard Miller Coolidge Presidential Grandfather Clock model 611-180 or 611180, the Howard Miller Eisenhower Grandfather Clock model 611-066 or 611066, the Howard Miller Polk Presidential Grandfather Clock model 611-246 or 611246, the Harding Presidential Grandfather Clock model 611-248 or 611248, or the most diminutive and slim wasted and shortest of the Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather Clocks Collection the Taylor Grandfather Clock model 610-648 or 610648. The shorter height and design of the Miller Taylor Presidential Grandfather Clock might even have some classify it as a Grandmother Clock, and it has always been one of the favorites at 1-800-4CLOCKS, as well as a best-seller among our grandfather clock collector customer base.

Howard Miller frequently refers to its Presidential Grandfather Clock Collection as its Floor Clock collection, and currently on its website currently features its Presidential and Ambassador Collection Grandfather Clocks under the URL clocks-floor-presidential_ambassador. Howard Miller truly views the terms Floor Clocks and Grandfather Clocks as synonymous, and groups the Howard Miller Presidential and Ambassador Collections together as among its largest and finest collection of exquisitely crafted grandfather clocks that are as imposing as they are of the highest quality.

These clocks have German Kieninger Clock mechanical grandfather clock movements are all triple chime, with one of those chimes always including the most popular of grandfather clock chimes, the Westminster Chime most recognized and well-known as the tower clock chime played by the the Big Ben Tower Clock in the Houses of Parliament in London. The Whittington Chime and the St Michaels chimes are usually but not always the second and third grandfather clock chimes offered. One exception to this was the Howard Miller Eisenhower II Grandfather Clock, which has now been retired, but when it was available, in addition the the Westminster Chimes, it offered as its second and third chimes Beethoven's Ave Maria Chimes and Schubert's Ode to Joy melodious chimes.

Howard Miller's Presidential Grandfather Clocks premium series has advantages including elaborate carvings on the columns, pediments, all along the front including above and below the case door, front, sides and bottoms of the clock, with each Presidential grandfather clock in its unique style. The glass is fitted completely into the wood, with no rubber used as in many other models. Each dial has an individual one-of-a-kind edition number stamped in it, and the weights and pendulum all have elaborate carvings. The Kieninger movements in these clocks have thicker plates and more bushings and jewels than in most all of the less expensive Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks. Additionally, the clock cases are generally a lot larger, and sometimes include multiple woods and special wood inlays. These are among Howard Miller's largest clocks and are especially appropriate for large homes and/or in very large rooms. The Presidential Series command a certain respect that is typically reserved for the term Presidential, and the many Presidents these clocks have been named for, including Kennedy, Reagan, Coolidge, Taylor, Eisenhower, Harding, Polk, Ford and several more to date. The Howard Miller Ambassador Collection clocks are similar in many ways, but alas are generally a bit smaller or less weighty and, alas, not named after a President. One little known fact is that the Howard Miller Presidential and Ambassador Series Grandfather Clock Collections have for years had a dedicated assembly line, and on average get more than 3 times the manpower and attention to detail than the so-called average Howard Miller Grandfather Clock. Definitely worthy of a special look at these amazing Floor Clock timepieces.

The Howard Miller Ambassador Grandfather Clocks Collection currently is comprised of 3 clock models, each of which is price somewhat lower than the grandfather clocks in the Howard Miller Presidential Collection, but all of extremely high quality and workmanship, and very similar in many other regards to the Howard Miller Presidential Collection of Grandfather Clocks. The 3 Howard Miller Ambassador Collection Grandfather Clocks currently offered include the Howard Miller Lindsey Grandfather Clock model 611-046 or 611046, the Howard Miller Nicolette Grandfather Clock model 611-048 or 611048, and the Howard Miller Stratford Mechanical Clock model 611-132 or 611132, which is distinguished among other ways by having chrome or silver-colored weights and pendulum and a dial. The Howard Miller Ambassador Grandfather Clock Collection also has all of its finely crafted solid wood cases Made in the USA with high-end German-made Kieninger Grandfather Clocks movements inside.

The Howard Miller Ambassador and Presidential Collection of Grandfather Clocks are absolutely worth a special look for any serious grandfather clock shopper looking for among the best out their in value and quality. These clocks are definitely built to become antiques over time and be highly collectible and treasured and passed in families from generation to generation.

Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather Clocks Howard Miller Presidential Grandfather Clocks Collection

Howard Miller Ambassador Grandfather Clock Collection Howard Miller Ambassador Collection Grandfather Clocks

As Of: 02/28/2024