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Howard Miller Curio and Grandfather Clock

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Posted February 26, 2013

When furniture shopping and clock shopping, many buyers find the best of both worlds when they either come upon Curio Grandfather Clocks made by Hermle Clocks or Howard Miller Clocks, or when they happen on the great selection of curio cabinets, with Howard Miller Curios and Curio Cabinets offers the widest range of choices at great savings.

Some of the most interesting and space-saving Curio cabinets, some of which are still offered today, include Corner Curio Cabinets and Grandfather Clocks with curio cabinets made especially to fit snugly into a corner. While a great selection of corner curio cabinets made by companies such as Howard Miller still are offered today, it is difficult to find corner curio grandfather clock, as these clocks are seldom made today.

One decor and interior decorating dynamic brought out in the above discussion is that grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks, whether they have a curio component or not, and by themselves thought of my most home decorators and interior designers as fine furniture pieces of heirloom quality. Indeed, one question we ate 1-800-4CLOCKS frequently get is what is the reason behind the cost difference between two grandfather clocks of the same brand, seemingly with the same movement, and yet they are thousands of dollars apart in price. In the cases where everything else is the same, the answer generally is in the extra or additional wood and its quality, the workmanship that can go into the carving, or the special and variety of woods, carvings, inlays and other materials that can make some clocks look especially appealing to the eye.

Many other furniture and clock companies make many different styles of curio cabinets, and grandfather clock curious, perhaps better termed curio grandfather clocks, and we believe some of the most fascinating to look at.

Aside from Howard Miller Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks also makes a small but excellent collection of curio grandfather clocks. Additionally, Bulova Clocks, Museum Clocks, and Sligh Clocks made grandfather clocks with curio shelved built into each of certain models of grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks. They remain popular today, for new sales, as new old stock (nos), and in the aftermarket for grandfather clock sales.

Here below are pictures and links to some of our favorite grandfather clock curios which are currently available:

Howard Miller Majestic II Grandfather Clock Shown here in Cherry, and also available in Oak Wood

List: $5,561.00
SALE: $3,892.70

Ridgeway Decorah Curio Grandfather Clock
List: $3,990.00
SALE: $2,793.00

Furniture cabinets that are more strictly fine furniture come in many shapes and sizes. The Howard Miller Curio Cabinet collection including Howard Miller’s well known Furniture Trend Designs, as well corner designed display Curio Cabinets, as well as 8 shelf curio cabinets, as well as what Howard Miller Clocks calls certain display curio cabinets as Traditional Curio Cabinets wall, the Stylewise Curio Cabinet selection, and the Visual Display Curio Cabinets to display many of your favorite keepsakes and collectibles. So our recommendations for purchasing a curio cabinet are similar thematically to purchasing a grandfather clock or grandmother clock. Aside from excellent value for money spent, if one is looking for a well-built long-lasting heirloom quality display curio cabinet, by clicking on the View All Display Curio Cabinets link below, it will take you to the the entire selection of curio cabinets, not including the few with clocks – which we may soon add there as well.

View All Display Cabinets Curios
Any feedback on curios of any kind, and we would be delighted to hear from you.

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