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Posted January 30, 2013

As America’s Top Grandfather Clocks Shop, we are proud to be an Authorized Howard Miller Clocks Dealer among many other brands, including Hermle Clocks, Americana Grandfather Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, Kieninger Clocks and more.

Howard Miller Clocks is an unusual company in that it offers the largest variety of high-end grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks, wall clocks, mantel clocks, corporate gift and promotional clocks as well. Howard Miller has a wonderful selection of contemporary grandfather clocks, as well as traditional grandmother clocks and grandfather clocks as well.

Everyone likes a grandfather clocks discount and to see grandfather clocks on sale, but there can be a huge cost in buying from a grandfather clock shop that is not an Authorized Dealer. It is not unlikely that a grandfather clock shopper could lose all of his or her money. There is no accountability, and the grandfather clock may never ship. If it does ship, there is no guarantee that it is a genuine Howard Miller Grandfather Clock and not a fake luxury goods counterfeit or knock-off. It could also be a second, meaning not of first quality or perhaps stood as a grandfather clock floor model for many years somewhere.

If the clock arrives damaged, there may be no one with whom to file an insurance claim. Unfortunately, grandfather clock damage in shipping can occur, but is minimized when the floor clock is packed correctly by knowledgeable experts. If the grandfather clock movement is broken or worn or of inferior quality, one may have purchased even more than a money pit, but possibly a complete waste of money. Grandfather clocks movements, especially German-made, like those in all mechanical Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, can be expensive to replace. Additionally, depending upon whether the grandfather clock is single chime like Westminster, or a triple chime grandfather clock, which may also include Ave Maria and Ode to Joy, can be especially costly to replace or repair.

A word to the wise shopper would be to always purchase from a known Authorized Dealer not only for grandfather clocks, but also for high end wall clocks and mantel clocks as well. Such an heirloom investment can be expensive by any reasonable standard, and at a minimum, aside from the other ways the purchase of a grandfather clock being an enhanced shopping experience which we at 1-800-4CLOCKS.com always strive to offer, knowing that you are getting the actual product you ordered, and that it will in fact be backed by both the Manufacturer’s Warranty as well as the grandfather clock retailer having your back, should be a minimum standard for any high-end clocks purchase.

Buy Grandfather Clocks, Mantel Clocks and Wall Clocks from a Howard Miller Authorized Dealer

Always buy grandfather clocks, wall clocks, and mantel clocks from a Howard Miller Authorized Clocks Dealer.

An heirloom quality investment is worth it.

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