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Posted June 9, 2013

Yes 1-800-4CLOCKS.com is an Authorized Howard Miller Dealer, which is the only kind of Dealer you want to shop with when looking not only for the greatest selection and savings, but also peace of mind, whether you are looking at discount Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Howard Miller Wall Clocks on sale, miller mantel clocks, Howard Miller Atomic Clocks, and any other clock or curio cabinet made by Howard Miller.

Unfortunately, the internet including eBay and Amazon, is littered with Sellers posing to be authorized dealers of Howard Miller products, but many are not. This means not only are you risking not getting the grandfather clock you ordered, or one of the many counterfeit grandfather clocks out there, but you will also risk getting stuck in the grandfather clock arrives with ANY damage, not to mention a clock customer can forget about having a valid warranty. As Howard Miller Clocks displays all over its website, All warranties are null and void if product is purchased from an UNAUTHORIZED internet dealer. Additionally, Howard Miller points out an authorized dealer can provide valuable, personal service to you after your purchase such as in-home delivery, set-up, and deluxing the product when necessary.

Many grandfather clock shoppers face similar questions and issues if they are considering buying a used vs. new grandfather clock. The best analogy we can use is in purchasing a used car. You truly need to know what grandfather clock you are getting, or you may find yourself stuck with a world-class lemon, which is also a money pit, and may even need to be junked entirely. Good maintenance on a grandfather clock is critical to its longer term health, not only for the grandfather clock case, but also for the grandfather clock movement strike and chimes. Interestingly, one of the biggest problems plaguing the used auto market, which is cars which have suffered from flooding or water damage, can very much apply to a grandfather clock, including its case and mechanical movement, as well.

When one buys a new clock from an Authorized Dealer, such as a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, it will come with a Manufacturer’s warranty on parts and workmanship of 2 years. We at 1-800-4CLOCKS.com will frequently add a 3rd year of coverage for minimal and sometimes no additional costs. Hermle Grandfather Clocks, when sold from an Authorized Dealer like us, come standard with a 3 Year Warranty. And Americana Grandfather Clocks, which are also of the highest quality, and for whom we are also an Authorized Dealer, come with a 4 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Always check out our Kieninger Clocks, including Kieninger Grandfather Clocks, warranties and sale. We are happy to discuss the relevance of this, and to talk with prospective customers about both possibilities and implications for grandfather clock purchases for those grandfather clock shoppers who are always searching the web for grandfather clock discounts, grandfather clock coupons, and the like.

We are always just a phone call away at 1-800-4CLOCKS.

All Warranties are null and unless purchased from AUTHORIZED Howard Miller Clocks Dealer

All Warranties are null and unless purchased from AUTHORIZED Howard Miller Clocks Dealer

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