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Hospital Healthcare Wall Clocks

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Posted October 4, 2010

Hospitals and healthcare service institutions, including those providing in-patient and outpatient care, rely heavily on accurate timekeeping capabilities in many parts of not only hospital purchasing management, but also in the actual delivery of healthcare on a day-to-day basis.

Having accurate and consistent timekeeping capability is critical for many elements of the operations of a hospital, health service facility, including teaching hospitals and universities. Not only knowing the accurate time, but also being able to record it manually, and to have it incorporated into systems which may include time stamps as a part of the test or procedure delivery.

Atomic wall clocks in hospitals are one growing phenomenon that we have seen take hold. Many hospitals or universities or teaching hospitals, not to mention organizations of all types and sizes, will frequent purchase a small number of atomic wall clocks, with the Howard Miller Murrow Atomic Wall Clock being one of the most popular

Howard Miller Murrow Atomic Wall Clock Model 625259 625-259Popular Hospital Atomic Wall Clock by Howard Miller Clocks 625-259 625259

We also see uses by hospitals in hospital crash carts which emergency responder crash cart teams rush to a scene where an important medical event may be taking place. One of many important components is documenting exactly what event s are happening when, an an atomic clock or radio controlled wireless clocks can be the ideal solution for many medical institutions. We have seen atomic clocks used successfully in crash carts in major hospital. Synchronized wireless clocks which deliver accurate times across many locations can be implemented in a number of ways, and it has been an honor and a privilege to work with hospitals to make the best custom solution available to them and their specific needs. Always feel free to call us at 1-800-4CLOCKS (1-800-425-6257) to discuss your organizations individual needs.

One atomic wall clocks and basic wall clock need which seems to have increased recently is to address the reality that “anything that is not nailed down may have the tendency to “walk away”. So adding a feature, which may or may not be the prettiest addition to the hospital decor, to help secure the wall clocks and other clocks, is an area we have just very recently moved in to, and we will soon be providing this hospital health care facility solutions on our website to help prevent thefts of clocks from hospitals and other healthcare facilities and institutions including universities.

Another hospital clock favorite is the Howard Miller Accuwave II Atomic Wall Clock or Radio Controlled Wireless Clock Model 625-205 625205.

Healthcare Atomic Radio Controlled RC Wall Clock Howard Miller Clocks

Healthcare Atomic Radio Controlled RC Wall Clock Howard Miller Clocks

We would love to hear from any-all existing and prospective customers about what their current or anticipated needs are for wall and other types of precision timekeeping devices may be needed, and to supply them in the most reasonably cost-efficient and thoughtful and efficient way possible.

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