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Homework BEFORE Buying Grandfather and Wall Clocks

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Posted Sunday November 20, 2007
An unfortunate group which is a very small percent of clocks shoppers, but probably have 90% of any "bad" experiences that are out there are customers whom really have not given any thought to what they have ordered or why they are ordering it. ALSO, many clock shoppers tell us they were first lured by cheap clocks, e.g. grandfather clocks, they in some major mass market retailers, only later to realize the cases were made of plastic and the mechanisms were anything but special. What this means is that there is a small but unfortunate group of buyers out there who in effect impulse buy, only to realize later that what they purchased is not what they want. Among the key steps we recommend are looking at the overall brand image, quality, and reliability. Then look at the case and make sure that is what you want. Then there is a decision about whether to have a mechanical movement or a quartz movement, each with varying pros and cons (more on this in a future post). A Home Decor or Office Decor fit is a must. And the chiming sound should be welcome in the place where the clock finds its new home. Finally, looking carefully at the warranty offered by the Manufacturer, and making sure that the Manufacturer is "real" and will stand behind their product, can make all the difference in the world!
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