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1-800-4CLOCKS is An Authorized Dealer for the Hermle Clock Company.

Hermle Clocks is one of the world's oldest clock makers founded in Germany 100 years ago. Hermle Clocks still manufactures their own movements and parts. 1-800-4CLOCKS is where to buy Hermle clocks! See our 5 RED BOXES. We are Hermle Clock experts.

Hermle Clock craftsmanship is as reliable as clockwork. The clockmaker's precision in all of its mechanical clocks is in many ways both legendary and mythic, and yet it is common practice at each of the Hermle Clock facilities in Germany and the USA. Hermle's company values, in the manufacture of specialty clocks including Tellurium and Astrolabium, Grandfather Clocks, Wall Clocks and Regulators, Mantel Clocks and more embrace un-paralleled product quality and reliability, and its customer service is second to none. Decades of German craftsmanship, knowledge, and quality assurance are packaged into every Hermle clock produced.

Choose Your Type of Clock from Our Complete Selection of Hermle Clocks.

Hermle Tellurium Astrolabium Clocks

Also known as Orreries, they are among the most magical of timepieces, linking time and planets and space in motion.

Hermle Grandfather Clocks Floor Clocks

With designs from traditional to eloquent modern, Hermle Grandfather clocks instill a sense of timeless prestige to any room.

Hermle Grandmother Clocks

Slightly smaller than their Grandfather contemporaries, grandmother clocks are a great option for smaller spaces.

Hermle Regulators and Wall Clocks

Add a unique design element to any wall with Hermle's large selection of the finest wall clocks in contemporary and regulator styles.

Hermle Mantel Clocks

A sure fire way to spruce up a fireplace, bookself or desktop. 1-800-4Clocks has over 70 Hermle Mantel Clocks to choose from.

Hermle Automata and Specialty Clocks

Unique and hard to find speciality clocks from Hermle. As an Authorized Hermle Dealer, 1-800-4Clocks has them all.



It would be hard to imagine just how many times Hermle chronometers around the world strike each hour. There is no doubt, however, that Hermle Clocks excellent reputation does ring clearly all around the globe.

The foundation for today's traditional brand was established at the inception of the company in 1922 - Franz Hermle & Son. By 1930, Hermle Clocks manufacturing facility was already one of the leading and cutting-edge operations in the area. It managed to retain these high standards after the war, not only manufacturing and distributing its own clocks but also producing clock works for other companies and brands.

For the next several decades, the company continued to focus on accuracy and ultimate precision. When the company was ready for expansion in the 1970s, it was also ready to expand its precision crafting to other fields such as engineering and automation. It was also at this point that Hermle began producing quartz clocks to react to a broader market.

In 1977 a second manufactory was built in Amherst, Virginia, USA. One year later, in 1978, Rolf Hermle joined the Hermle board as the third generation of the family-owned business. Time doesn't stand still; nowhere is that adage any more true than for Hermle Clocks. Each year, new clocks and new designs are added to the timeless masterpieces manufactured by Hermle Clocks.

The family-owned business has its roots in Gosheim, Swabian Alb, Germany. Once the center of German clock manufacturing, this region is renowned as a European hub for machining and metal cutting. Today the people in this area are still known for their ingenuity and diligence in workmanship.

Under the corporate name of HUM Uhrenmanufaktur GmbH & Co. KG, Hermle Clock manufactures and distributes premium quality clocks, which are admired worldwide. Each individual clock exemplifies the craftsmanship of fine Black Forest German clock making.


In addition to Hermle's Germany-based manufactory in Gosheim, Hermle clocks are also built in Amherst, Virginia. Nestled in the scenic foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, Hermle Black Forest Clocks began manufacturing mechanical movements in the USA in 1977. This marked a new chapter of growth for the company as Hermle was able to utilize American and imported hardwoods to supply case goods for highly sought-after German quality mechanisms. The Amherst plant specializes in traditional hardwood floor, grandfather, wall, and mantel clock cases, with German movements and accessories. Some of the styles are based on early American tradition, and one is even a licensed Colonial Williamsburg reproduction.

In 2002, after several Amherst factory expansions, Hermle branched into the direct retail market. Now Hermle's timeless treasures are available to all to choose from the comfort of home. In addition, many cases offer the option of housing several choices of clock works, increasing the variety of looks and sounds available.


Hermle Black Forest Clocks rebranded as Hermle North America in January 2011 to reflect our vision of our place in the future - the one-stop shop for all genuine Hermle products, including carrying the largest Hermle and Urgos movement selections available to the trade in the world. Our clock movements, clock accessories, clock parts and clocks are distributed throughout North America to a vast dealer network.

While classic floor clocks or grandfather clocks capture the style and culture of the past, Hermle's new design in floor clocks display creativity and ingenuity with a look toward the future. Likewise, Hermle's mantel clocks, both functional and beautiful, are designed to impress.

Minimalistic design and technical perfection merge and help one forget time altogether. Honoring the past and embracing the future: it's easy to do either - or both - with a timepiece from Hermle Clocks!

Hermle's clock movements, continue to be sought after by other manufacturers, making them the 'heart and soul' of not only Hermle clocks, but also other quality brands on the market today.

As Of: 06/22/2024