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Posted October 11, 2009

Our Store, 1-800-4CLOCKS.com, is one of the largest clocks retailers in the world. We specialize in grandfather clocks, but also stock and sell many wall clocks, mantle clocks, atomic clocks, cuckoo clocks, and on and on. We carry both new and antique clocks. Pocket watches too.

The brands we carry include Howard Miller Clocks, Hermle Clocks, Ridgeway Clock Collection, Bulova Grandfather Clocks Collection, and premium Kieninger grandfather parts (custom made to order in Germany and shipped directly to customer, with 2-3 month lead time). For these same manufacturers, and others crafts makers and artisans, we also carry their lines of wall clocks, mantel clocks, atomic clocks, cuckoo clocks, novelty clocks, and much more.

We have a Low Price Guarantee, where we pledge not to be undersold by any online authorized internet dealer for the major brands we sell (see website for details). A major problem on the internet today is the plethora of websites claiming to be authorized dealers for the companies they are representing when they are really not. Some lie outright, and others simply skirt the issue. The sad reality for people who purchase products from these vendors is that the warranties they think they are getting with their clock will not be valid. A warranty not only gives piece of mind – it also has the potential to save one many hundreds, or possibly thousands, of dollars in repair bills.

Another ploy used by many marketers include what we call “false calls to action”, with 2 examples being “Sale Ends on Friday” or “50% off” when in the first case the sale may end, only to begin yet again immediately thereafter. In the second example, we see many retailers artificially raise their prices, even if only for an hour, so that they can them claim significantly deeper percentage discounts than they would otherwise be able to do. We find both of these practices to be both immoral and highly misleading. We believe in everyday low prices, and always striving to meet or beat the competition. Free gifts of a dubious nature or value are also promised by some enterprising sites.

This is less of an issue for the antique clocks we sell, where many items are closer to one-of-a-kind artifacts. Yet we still see “prices slashed” and tie-ins with giveaways in this market as well, but not the same kind of retail gimmickry we new with the sale of new grandfather clocks, new atomic clocks, mantel clocks, and new wall clocks too.

When purchasing a clock, especially a grandfather clock, many people also do not take into account the many factors in the overall value proposition. Yes the grandfather clock is important, but how will it be shipped to you, by home, what will they do in your home, will they even bring it into your home or will they leave it at curbside. What about an in-home clocks set-up — who will do it? How skilled are they? Might it void the warranty? What if there is shipping damage? Manufacturing defects? Are you fully protected? How do you know? These are ALL very critical points, and whom you buy from will determine how well you are taken care of in each of these cases-categories.

Everyday low(est) prices and the best shopping experience and overall value. That’s our recipe for success, and our mantra. Come shop with us.

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