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Grandfather Clocks Parts

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Posted June 18, 2010

No thank you, we do not carry parts for grandfather clocks. Or wall clocks parts, or parts for mantle clocks, or even mantel clocks, nor atomic clocks nor parts for cuckoo clocks. And we do not sell movements for grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantle clocks, atomic clocks, or pretty much any clock or watch or pocket watch.

So why do we get so many visits and calls and emails from prospective customers looking for grandfather clock parts. Not to be rude, BUT PLEASE DO NOT CALL US FOR GRANDFATHER CLOCK PARTS! OR ANY WALL CLOCK PARTS, OR MANTLE CLOCKS PARTS, OR CUCKOO CLOCK PARTS — well, you probably get the idea…

You might be interested in the grandfather clock parts resource we supplied in one of our posts to our very own grandfather clocks blog and is repeated here for your use and convenience.

We would suggest the following 3 resources:

  1. Look on this page on our website to see if you can find an answer to your question(s): just click on -> /page/CLOCKS/ClockFAQ
  2. You can locate a Howard Miller Authorized Service Center local to you here -> http://cql.howardmiller.com/HM/ServiceCenterLocator.aspx. NOTE that all mechanical Howard Miller clocks had Hermle movements in them until about 5 years ago, and that most any if not all of these Service Centers should be able to work on any Hermle Clock. This Service Center Network is a great resource, and we have had an excellent experiences working with Service Centers around the Country (and also Canada) using this Service Center Network. Probably at least half of these Service Centers can work on antique clocks too, as well as other Brands of Clocks!!!!
  3. You can order Hermle (and other) Parts (e.g. movements, weights, pendulum, keys, etc.) from the following 2 suppliers -> www.BlackForestImports.com and www.Merritts.com. While we have no relationship to them whatsoever, we personally have had good results working with them ourselves. Their contact information is available on each of the noted websites. We would most definitely recommend calling them rather than attempting to order from their websites (which would likely be a fruitless effort).

Please pay special attention to the Howard Miller Authorized Service Center Directory, which is search-able by zip code. It can even come in incredibly handy if you are moving a grandfather clock from one part of the country to another. Just simply find and hire the best available packing grandfather clocks shipping (who should also have knowledge about the shipping companies and access to the best rates, if you are not transporting the clock yourself. Then you can hire a local Howard Miller or Ridgeway Authorized Service Technician on the delivery end to unpack and set-up the grandfather clock in its new home. It is not at all uncommon that even with the best packing, and reasonable handling, a grandfather clock may require adjustment upon delivery by a qualified technician.

For repairs or transportation of grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantle clocks, atomic clocks and more, IF YOU ARE IN THE New York tri-state region, feel free to contact us. If you live elsewhere, you will save yourself some time by following the advice above, and get your parts elsewhere in almost all cases.

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