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Grandfather Clocks on Facebook

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Posted April 8, 2013

Grandfather Clocks on Facebook, found at www.facebook.com/grandfatherclocks, is the limited presence of 1-800-4CLOCKS to date on Facebook. We know we have the ability to have tens if not hundreds of thousands of Facebook friends, but we have yet to even begin to really capitalize upon it.

By many measures, we are Americas Top Grandfather Clocks Shop, and it is a clocks shop slogan we have even trademarked. We know we offer the best service on grandfather clocks discounts and sales, while still providing superior customer service and toll-free support. We carry only the brands that we think are the finest makers of grandfather clocks, including such names as Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Hermle Grandfather Clocks, the Ridgeway Floor Clock Collection, Kieninger Floor Clocks and Americana Grandfather Clocks. Historically, we have also introduced our own brands including Museum Clocks™, Grandson Clocks™, and Gigantic LED Clocks™. Grandmother clocks by most makers, including Howard Miller Clocks, Hermle Clocks and Ridgeway Clocks, have been another core part of our collection.

We are very interested to get to know if our grandfather clocks customers and shoppers would be interested in us having an expanded Facebook grandfather clocks presence. We could include wall clocks and mantel clocks as well, my Kieninger Clock, Hermle Clocks, Howard Miller and others, as well as antique grandfather clocks, antique mantle clocks and antique wall clocks.

One differentiating factor in our grandfather clock sales, is that we always have experts available, whether in-stores or toll-free at 1-800-4CLOCKS toll-free on the telephone. The large majority of our biggest competitors have call centers with people who know little or nothing about grandfather clocks, wall clocks and mantel clocks, whether new or antique. We also feature grandmother clocks, novelty clocks, cuckoo clocks, atomic clocks, and some wristwatches as well. Is this something that you as an existing or prospective grandfather clock or other customer would like to be able to address on Facebook? Would you want to share purchases with friends on Facebook?

What about the History of grandfather clocks, and even grandfather clock trivia, such as the history behind the story and music by Henry Work Clay and his song My Grandfather Clock, which actually popularized the name grandfather clock in the USA, vs. tallcase and long case clocks as they had been know up until then, and still are referred to today in the United Kingdom and Western Europe.

Grandfather clock movements are another critical component in understanding and comparing grandfather clocks, not only between makers, but also within the grandfather clock product line offerings within a single brand, such as Howard Miller cable-driven grandfather clocks vs Howard Miller chain-driven grandfather clocks as but one of many possible illustrations of the importance of understanding the grandfather clock choices and alternatives facing a customer. Everything from chimes, to a working moondial, to illuminated grandfather clock dials, to the differences between a grandmother clock and a grandfather clock can be critical to end of purchasing an heirloom quality that will be cherished for generations to follow.

Now again we come back to Facebook, where we can be found at http://www.facebook.com/grandfatherclocks, and whether that is a good or great forum to share so,e, many or most of these comparison clock shopping knowledge based facts which can be so important in any purchase decision. We thought at one point of putting an actual 1-800-4CLOCKS Grandfather Clocks Store on Facebook, where people could post comments, questions, and also make recommendations and purchases.

What do you think? We would be very interested in your opinion, as social media omnipresence seems to be here to stay. Demographically speaking, more of our customers, shoppers, and buyers are likely also Facebook members. Or feel free to send us a tweet at #FloorClocks or @FloorClocks with our Twitter UserName Grandfather Clocks, or visit what we have displayed now on Facebook with the UserName GrandfatherClocks: www.facebook.com/grandfatherclocks

GrandfatherClocks on Facebook

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