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Grandfather Clocks Meaning Individuals Time Life

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Posted October 6, 2007

What does your signify to you about the meaning of time? This is a subject so many people comment on when ordering a new factory direct grandfather clocks at wholesale prices, or Antique Grandfather Clocks. See down below for our basic thoughts and reasons we have heard from our Grandfather Clock customers.

We want your responses and input!

This Grandfather Clocks blog entry is geared toward the many meanings of clocks and time, throughout the history of clocks and timekeeping. The history of having a grandfather clock in one’s own home, and it was only in the 1700s that clocks started being available in Europe in any numbers in the general population, and only by the most affluent individuals (grandfather clocks were only invented in the mid-1600s). Back in the ages of sundials and sandtimers, and even from early theories on the ability to keep and tell time, people had no means for a clock even if they were the “Bill Gates” of the Renaissance era!

Christmas shopping and gift giving for the Holidays, is fast approaching, and Grandfather Clause Clocks :) are more and more on the minds of shoppers - both Antique Grandfather Clocks or New Grandfather Clocks. Whether a , one from the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Collection, a Hermle Grandfather Clock, a Seth Thomas Clock or one of the Kieninger Grandfather Clocks or Bulova Grandfather Clocks, or an Antique Grandfather Clock.

Here are some of thoughts we have heard and thought ourselves - please add to or comment on this list:

1. The 1876 Grandfather Clocks Song by Henry Clay Work, as the lyrics go, suggested that the Grandfather Clock was a kindred spirit with its owner, when the clock was relatively young chiming joyously with 24 Gongs when his new bride arrived, and ultimately, many years later, stopping, and some might say dying, when, as the clock lyrics go, “it stopped, short, never to run again when the old man died”.

2. Some say they love or want grandfather clocks because it feels as though they actually have control over time.

3. Some go even further, and say they feel it gives them some further sense of control with the World in general.

4. Others say they love clocks because time is so ephemeral, and as the Patek Philippe watches ads say, roughly, you are only holding you timepiece for the next generation. In that context, keeping time offers a sense of continuity.

5. Some see clocks and grandfather clocks of helping them to recognize their own mortality, almost as a countdown clock, helping not only with telling time but also having the clocks seconds minutes and hours almost as a Death Clock, or a time clock telling or reminding them that their days on Earth are increasingly numbered and waning. Almost like a stopwatch counting down their time.

6. And of course, there are those who are simply looking at clocks from a home decor or interior decorating standpoint. Others simply remember their parents or grandparents or friends of parents as having a certain special clock, and they want to revive both that feeling of warmth and feeling, many times of awe, from when they were children.

We want to know what you think. Please respond to this clocks blog listing with your thoughts, and we expect all legitimate post will be added to our blog.

Grandfather Clocks Blog thanks you, and we look forward to your input.

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