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Grandfather Clocks in Your Home Office

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Posted March 17, 2010

So you are living one American Dream, either just starting to work out of your own home, or you’ve been at it for some time and hopefully have something exciting to show for it.

Don’t forget the right decor for your Home Office. Having the right workspace, with the appropriate furnishings, can make all the difference in the world for both having a productive workplace and for projecting the “right” image for your organization.

What about a grandfather clock for your home office decor? Perhaps not the first thing on most people’s list, but, especially, if you are lucky enough to have a separate entryway for your business, a stately grandfather clock can be just the thing to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to an office environment. A grandfather clocks purchase can also be a great way to spend some of those hard-earned tax refund dollars. Or perhaps a grandmother clock.

OK, maybe you are not ready to start with a grandfather clock to get the best decor for you. What about a Wall Clock, or a larger wall clock known as a Gallery Wall Clock. These wall clocks add elegance and sophistication to an organization, and for lack of a better word, can really make a room look classy. Classy is a well-known term used by interior decorators and interior designers :) .

Mantel clocks or tabletop or desktop clocks are another option to consider. You might want to get one customized with your organizational logo on it — how would that be for making the right impression for current or prospective clients. Mantle clocks and shelf clocks can also be customized and given as corporate gifts to current and prospective clients. Studies show that individuals still, with PC clocks and all, look at clocks on their desks and walls at least 40 times a day. that is 40 advertising exposure opportunities per day per current and prospective client. A great marketing investment.

Atomic clocks, including atomic wall clocks and atomic mantel and weather clocks are also worthy of consideration. As many know, these clocks get their atomic (formerly known as radio controlled) signal from the US Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. These great clocks are accurate, theoretically at least, to one-billionth of a second per year, at least! Any argument about quitting time or what time is it really, and you will know have an authority that will be almost impossible to reckon with. Many large offices install atomic clocks throughout their offices so that the last minutes of every day are not “played” guessing what time it is, and not wanting to leave “too early”, or pointing fingers at others. These atomic clocks are truly productivity enhancers.

Still, we come back to the grandfather clocks possibility as the way to make THE statement for your new OR improved Home Office.

Let us know your thoughts!

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