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Posted September 28, 2010

Every day we are asked if we have any special grandfather clocks for sale. Our answer to this clocks question is almost always that we aim to have the lowest prices available anywhere for the leading makers of grandfather clocks. We look at the websites of Authorized Dealers for the brands we carry, and try to be sure we are being as competitive as possible with no one offering better grandfather clocks discounts or grandfather clock sales, even on individual grandfather clock models.

One need to be careful when purchasing a grandfather clock that you a buying from an Authorized Dealer for that particular brand. If you are not, the warranty will not be valid, period. Also, there are other shopping variables, for lack of a better term, that a customer needs to be aware. A very basic one is how many times has the specific grandfather clock that you are purchasing been shipped? Each time a grandfather clock ships, the potential for clocks shipping damage increases exponentially. We know of some instances where a brand new in the container major brand grandfather clock may have already been shipped 4 or more times before it goes to its ultimate customer.

Another factor to be on the lookout for is the actual age of the specific grandfather clock you a purchasing. Certain of the very best manufacturers will not honor a warranty, even if the grandfather clock is in a container that has never been opened, if the clock was made more than a certain number of years ago, with 4 years being a not uncommon cut-off point. While that may sound therefore like it is an irrelevant issue because 4 years is a long time, many grandfather clocks will sit on showroom floors or in a clock shop’s backroom or storage for longer than that. A grandfather clock customer wants to make certain they are covered for grandfather clocks warranty purposes.

An additional circumstance of which to be aware is when a grandfather clocks shop is selling a floor model, sometime also known as a grandfather clock floor sample. Some grandfather clock shops take much better care of their floor models or floor samples than other clocks shops. And there is nothing wrong with purchasing a grandfather clock floor model, which could also be referred to as a floor clock floor sample (can you say that 10 times fast), as long as the customer knows all the facts before the purchase. Some floor sample grandfather clocks may have been wound a lot, some may have been better taken care of than others, and some may have scratches or dents, or even missing parts, and perhaps a lot of dust, at least before it is cleaned off, hopefully, before it goes to the home of the new owner.

The only concern for a customer might be, or should be we think, when a grandfather clock floor sample is sold as a brand new grandfather clock or floor clock. Keep in mind whether the manufacturer’s warranty will still be valid, the potential wear and tear on the clock, the risks associated with the grandfather clock having shipped multiple times, and the condition of the grandfather clocks when they finally arrive in your home or office for setup and display in your room of choice.

We also sell antique grandfather clocks, and we need to emphasize that having a grandfather clock on display is not necessarily a bad thing.

A customer should, very simply, be aware of what is and what is not a factor in the grandfather clock discounts. And by the way, all of this applies to grandmother clocks as well, which are really only differentiated by their shorter height.

Other considerations should also come into play when considering grandfather clock discounts, which is what is included with the purchase. We think a big plus is buying from a Grandfather Clocks Specialty Store that actually knows something about grandfather clocks, and the brands, such as Howard Miller Clocks and Ridgeway Clocks and Hermle Clocks, and can really talk knowledgeably about different brands, makes, models, features, problems, and the pros and cons between specific grandfather clocks. We are happy to educate any prospective customer who wants it, and many who do end up buying a different make or model after better understanding the differences. Also included in the grandfather clock discounts is what kind of delivery and set-up are offered, which is not at all as simple as many people think when they ask if “white glove service” is provided. That term has between somewhat meaningless or something of a misnomer, as it can include or exclude so many factors which would be of importance to customers if they were better informed as to whether particular elements were included with the grandfather clock delivery or not.

Discounts and Sale Prices on grandfather clocks are great, and we always aim to offer the best. But as or more important is to know what you are or are not getting for your grandfather clock discount price.

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