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Grandfather Clocks Come and Go

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Posted December 2, 2010

As this blog post is being written, the evolution and revolution in grandfather clock makers and grandfather clocks brands continues. We are selling out the very last of our Bulova Grandfather Clocks. Bulova entered the great grandfather clock market with a bang when they took over and introduced the grandmother and grandfather clock designs that had been made for many years by the Sligh Grandfather Clock Company, which was and still is actually Sligh Furniture. Bulova made the same designs, with the same German mechanical chiming grandfather clock movements, and put together in the same location by the very same people in Canada that had previously worked with Sligh grandfather clocks.

For whatever its reasons, Bulova, the great wristwatch and clock company, has decided to stick to its knitting with Bulova, Accutron and other wrist-watches, and make the mantel clocks and wall clocks and atomic clocks, both mechanical and quartz driven, dor which they have been so well known for so many years.

With Bulova grandfather clocks having exited the marketplace, and Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks having been out of the picture for quite some time, the number of makers of truly high-end grandfather clocks is shrinking. Of the clock brands we carry, that leaves Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks and Howard Miller Floor Clocks and Hermle Grandfather Clocks, plus the special order Kieninger Grandfather Clocks. there have been many entrants in the lower end of the grandfather clock marketplace, and to that, we suggest shoppers look at these brands with extreme caution and eyes wide open.

There are some other high-end grandfather clock makers out there whom we have not been carrying that may be worth another look with Bulova having effectively exited the grandfather clock marketplace. The small number of other makers out there that we are thinking about tend to produce grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks, not to mention mantel clocks and wall clocks, in very small numbers and at price points that are quite high, but with a quality that may well be worth it to value conscious savvy consumers of grandfather clocks.

We also hear rumors of new formidable entrants, especially in the grandfather clock marketplace, and we hope it is true.

Stay tuned for further developments, and call us anytime you are in the market for a new grandfather clock.

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