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Grandfather Clocks are Grandmother Clocks

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Posted April 24, 2010

We at 1-800-4CLOCKS.com must get asked several times a day about what the difference is between grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks.

Some people, also known as clock experts, could likely talk for hours – or at least an hour – on the subject. One can say a grandmother clock is not only smaller or shorter, but also more feminine and perhaps even more petite. Some experts would attribute certain design types to being more of a grandmother clock or a grandfather clock.

We at 1-800-4CLOCKS see the definition as much simpler and more easy to define. And with that definition in mind, we are able to categorize many of our grandfather clocks as BOTH grandmother clocks and grandfather clocks. And that is why we say Grandfather Clocks are Grandmother Clocks.

Now what do we mean? Simply, we see the defining difference between the two as one of height, and not necessarily anything else. Design comes into play, but even a feminine looking floor clock that is 9 feet tall is going to be considered a grandfather clock by almost all experts. And we believe the same logic applies this time for grandfather clocks.

So what is the height requirement or breaking point when the definition changes from one to another. Not so clear, at least in the sense that many experts may not agree. We ourselves see roughly 80 inches in height as the dividing line between grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks. We also look at the style of the clock, and might change the height definition in either direction by up to 5 inches depending upon the qualities of the individual clock. We also advise that there are no hard and fast rules for one versus the other, except at the height extremes in either direction.

Now granddaughter clocks and Grandson Clocks are another matter entirely.

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