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Grandfather Clocks and Clock Jewelry

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Posted October 26, 2009

Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry in the shape of a grandfather clock? A pin with a wall clock? What about a solid 14k gold pendant of the Big Ben Tower Clock of London to wear on a necklace (I own one of those, actually)? Watches as earrings, particularly from the Art Deco Watches period. Or what about gears from clocks and watches being used as parts for jewelery.

While we can’t see we see an ever increasing trend toward the uses of horological timepieces in jewelry, we can say for a fact that there has always been a place for the clock and watch in the jewelry market. Do you see this yourself – please let us know.

We have even toyed over the years with introducing jewelry ourselves in the shape of timepieces of all types, from the basic grandfather clock necklace, pendant or earrings, to similar items with a wall clock or mantle clock design. Whether to make the grandfather clock actually tick and function, or the wall clock tell time, is another question entirely. And we see these more as decorative pieces compared to the more functional pocket watches that antique pocket watches or pendant watches that women used to wear much more routinely in the past vs. present.

Let’s not forget about the men out there who may be interested in grandfather clock cuff links, or wall clock studs for that special shirt or tuxedo.

We would very much like your horological and design sense and potential buyer input. Have you seen much grandfather clock jewelry out there? Any wall clock jewelry you would like to see?

Let us know your thoughts and opinions.

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