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For the Love of Clocks Part I

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Posted October 12, 2008

Clocks and I have always had a very special relationship. My parents (and grandparents before them, as a matter of fact) had a grandfather clock in their home, as well as a collection of many different kinds of clocks in different rooms of their houses mantel clocks, atomic clocks, wall clocks so ingrained in the decoration of the home that I barely noticed them at all after awhile.

But I most certainly noticed them when they were not there!

When I moved into my own home, I was suddenly delegated with the responsibility of decorating every corner of the house. I was overwhelmed, as much because I was not really sure what my style was, as the fact that I had little money to do what I really wanted to do.

I set about painting walls and buying furniture and accessories of all kinds, all within my budget and according to what most appealed to me; it really was a journey as I cultivated my own sense of style and weeded through pieces that I thought would lend themselves well to the overall decorative process that I had chosen.

But in the end, something just did not feel right; something significant appeared to be missing. With careful consideration I realized that what was missing were clocks. What had always been a central part of the decorative style of my childhood home was now completely missing from my own adult home.

And so I set to work finding those clocks that could now make their home in my home. In the next post, I will talk about some of the clocks that I found to complete my home decor.

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