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Posted September 10, 2012

If you are in the market for a new Howard Miller grandfather clock, or one of the new Hermle floor clocks or grandmother clocks, you already know that you want to buy one of the quality built grandfather clocks brands. Same is true for Ridgeway Clocks, Kieninger Grandfather Clocks, and the Americana Grandfather Clock Collection, among other Floor Clocks makers.

What sets these grandfather clock brands apart is quality inside and outside, with solid wood cases, and movements that are high quality, made in Germany, are truly heirloom quality floor clocks, and with proper care should last for 25 to 50 to 100 plus years. Each of the floor clock brands has many cases and features and movement differences that differentiate not only the clocks between the brands but also the clocks within each brand.

We are always pleased to talk with prospective customers who visit us or call us at 1-800-4clocks.com, to discuss the pros and cons between all the different models and brands. Features such as triple chime vs single Westminster Chime floor clocks, alternative chimes such as the Ave Maria and Ode to Joy, working vs faux moon phase dials, chain driven vs cable driven vs quartz driven grandfather clock movements, atomic time advantages, automatic nighttime shut-off, chime silence options, grandfather clocks vs grandmother clocks, Herman Miller vs Howard Miller, new vs vintage and antique purchases, grandfather clock setup, questions about the volume of the grandfather clock tick, strike and chimes. Differences between grandfather clock cases, how the clocks are constructed, pros and cons of a grandfather clock kit, and the decision as to whether to consider some of the cheapest clocks sold today that well, may, look very good in the pictures, but it’s another story once you get it home.

Like most big decisions in life, doing the leg work or homework can make all the difference between buying an albatross or buying a quality family heirloom floor clock that one can pass from generation to generation.

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