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Posted January 20, 2011

One request we at 1-800-4CLOCKS.com get regularly is to customize wall clocks, usually either for office clocks for corporations, for chains of retail stores, especially food outlets, and for uses in hospitals, universities and other large organizations.

Purchasing managers and building construction coordinators, franchise managers, not to mention building developers and construction managers, are frequently our initial points of contact.

Some of the most common types of customization include corporate logos or company logos or store or chain logos imprinted on the dial of the clock. Other requests include adding what is known as military time, with hour markers from the 13th hour to the 24th hour of the dial, generally just inside the dial of the clock. Customized brass plaques are another frequent request for customization. Many want custom atomic clocks, hoping to get logos on customized atomic clocks or radio controlled clocks. Entire wall clock dials can easily be customized. Office clocks are always popular for customization. We always work with customers, whether they are looking for custom wall clocks, customized grandfather clocks, custom mantle clocks or mantel clock customization.

While custom clocks are generally used internally by the organizations that order them, customization for promotional products, corporate gift awards, incentive awards, retirement gifts and as gifts to recognize excellence in corporations, hospitals, universities, government organizations, NGOs, and corporate gifts among many others.

Sometimes wall clocks are used as promotions. 1-800-4CLCOKS has historically been a member of ASI. Promotions can be used not only for wall clocks, but also picture frames, with or without clocks, calculators with clocks, paperweights with clocks, alarm clocks with customization, desk accessories and wall placques. Some customers even start off looking for a customized wall clock, only to end up with a customized wristwatch by Bulova or a custom watch or wristwatch by Accutron, for whom we are also authorized dealers.

Grandfather clocks can also be customized for one or more clocks. Floor clocks can also be personalized. Grandmother clocks too. The grandfather clock customization can take any of a variety of forms, and the possibilities are dependent upon each clock and request.

One point worth noting about custom orders, is that for customization that involves logos or multiple colors, as opposed to putting plaques on mantel clocks for example, the cost per unit goes down significantly when more than a certain minimum order quantity is met. While we have no minimum order quantities, please keep that in mind when requesting quotes for any specific customization requests,whether for wall clocks, grandfather clocks, or wristwatches.

Always feel free to call us at 1-800-4CLOCKS, or 1-800-425-5257, to discuss any or all of your customized clock needs.

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