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Custom Grandfather Clock

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Posted December 10, 2010

We at 1-800-4CLOCKS.com get many requests for varying forms of customization of grandfather clocks. Some are easy, such as adding a engraved brass plaque strategically placed on the grandfather clock. Others are much more involved, with customers wanting to use corporate logos on dials, or even of the pendulum of the grandfather clocks.

We must always be careful that whatever trademark of a logo, whether it be of a cartoon character, university, corporation, major baseball league or NFL or PGA, that we either have the requisite permissions and/or that we are not violating any trademark or copyright laws when we produce custom grandfather clocks. The same holds true when we are making customized wall clocks, custom office clocks, atomic clocks, or mantel clocks. The same rules apply as for a custom grandfather clock.

As most readers would imagine, individuals can be quite creative when coming up with ideas for customized grandfather clocks. Pictures of loved ones on the dial, a sketch of an individual on the pendulum bob, wedding anniversary pictures — the perfect wedding anniversary gift — pictures of the bride and groom to be, or shortly afterward with an actual wedding photo can be the ideal wedding gift. Then there are grandfather clocks with cartoon characters, company logos, individual names, and many other variations. Grandfather clocks with customized sounds or voices, or even custom clock chimes, is a request we get quite often. We may one day be able to meet this market need, but not as of yet.

Many organizations use the customization of grandfather clocks or mantle clocks in particular as recognition awards, sales achievement gifts, years of service award, retirement gifts, corporate party gifts, incentive awards, and for promotional incentives or specialty gift prizes.

How creative can you be in the design of a one of a kind grandfather clock? Grandfather clocks are a gift that can be treasured by generations, and an interesting of effective customization could help in making the floor clock or grandmother clock even more of an heirloom quality special piece of furniture than it ever otherwise could be. Tell that one to your interior decorator or when consulting with your interior designer on your home decor.

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