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Clocks - Unique Features in a Library

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Posted April 29, 2008

While most of us consider the library to be that large facility in our town or county that holds thousands of books for our borrowing pleasure, there are also those of us who are lucky enough to have a library right in our own homes; a bonus room that is often included in old homes and in new construction.

The home library can essentially be whatever the homeowner desires it to be; a quiet retreat for reading, writing, and meditation; an office in which to accomplish work; or a family gathering placed where games can be played and stories read without the interference of television. But no matter what homeowners choose to get from their home library, the decor that they choose will be what ultimately defines the space.

To that end, homeowners make a variety of choices regarding flooring, wall color, furniture, and artwork they wish to include in the room, all with the goal of creating a palette that essentially allows the library to serve its purpose. Part of the process of decorating this space is choosing those items, no matter how small they may seem, that will speak to the overall design theme and offer punches of personality. Clocks, while they may be the very last thing that home decorators may consider in terms of decorative items, can bring color, vibrancy, and personality to a home library from wherever they sit in a room.

Wall clocks above shelves of books, a mantel clock perched atop furniture such as an office desk, and even a grandmother or grandfather clock in the corner can have vast impact on the overall atmosphere and personality of a home library.

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