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Clocks Transform a Room When Kids Leave Home

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Posted July 5, 2008

There will come a time for all of us who have children that we will find ourselves waving goodbye to them as they pull away from home or as we leave them at their first college dorm. This first time away from the home can be difficult for kids and just as difficult for parents, especially that first year. But as the years of college pass, parents often find that those same kids that were so reluctant to leave are now coming home less and less on the weekends. Clearly, there has been a shift; one that is quite normal as a family prepares for a new chapter in their lives. It may become evident fairly quickly that your college student has no plans whatsoever of returning home after school; instead making plans to attend grad school or enter the workforce and get their own apartment.

It is important for everyone to embrace this new reality, no matter how difficult. And one of the ways that parents can begin to make the transition is by considering how they would like to use their child's room; perhaps an office, that guest room you have always wanted, a craft room, a sewing room, and exercise room, the options are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

With some paint, perhaps some new flooring, window treatments, and some small but impactful accessories, such as clocks a room can be utterly transformed in as little time as a weekend. Mantel clocks can sit atop a shelving unit, on the nightstand of a new bedroom set for guests, or on a crafting table. Wall clocks from traditional and sophisticated to trendy and modern can finish an office or add a finishing touch in a library room. And even grandfather clocks or grandmother clocks can have enormous appeal in this new quiet nook you have created in your home.

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