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Posted October 18, 2008

Moving can be an expensive prospect. I recently made a big move myself and was alarmed with how quickly we went over the initial budget that we had put in place. There are costs here, and costs there, everything added up before knew it and we were facing much more in terms of moving expenses than we ever thought possible. This meant, of course, that any plans I had of purchasing new furniture and accessories for the rooms that I had in mind were essentially out the window, in the short term anyway. The reality was that I needed a few months under my belt to get myself back on track before I started making any additional purchases.

This also meant that whatever I had with me in the old house was coming with me to the new house and I was going to have to make it work. And I did make it work. Some of the furniture was a little awkward and not sized properly for the rooms it was occupying but with some small changes it was fine on a temporary basis. But what I was most surprised about was how well my clocks made the transition.

I have long been collecting clocks of all kinds; and at this point I have everything from mantel clocks to a big beautiful grandfather clock as a part of my repertoire. The house I came from was a bit more traditional than this new house which is a contemporary model. But the clocks look as if they have always been here; a testament to their high quality and versatile design.

I get most of my clocks online through this amazing web site that I found. There, you can browse through all manner of clocks to your heart's content and make a purchase knowing you are getting the highest quality product at the best prices. I will undoubtedly use them in finding clocks for this house, as well as the next.

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