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Clocks Exposing The Myth

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Posted October 26, 2008

Remember that person you were hopelessly in love with in high school (well generally speaking most people were in love with this person in this particular scenario) but that you felt to be out of your league? You could not imagine that they even knew you existed at all. I remember feeling that way about a boy all through school that I thought was way too cool for me; I hung with a decidedly less popular crowd and just assumed he did not even know my name let alone would ever be interested. I ran into that guy twenty years later and it turns out that, not only did he know my name, he had a crush on me in high school as well. It just goes to show you that you that perception, while it may be our own reality, is often not factually based.

When I first bought this house and I began the process of decorating it I was really short on cash. I knew I had to wait on a lot but there were some things that I just wanted to do right away. I always imagined my fireplace to have a beautiful mantel clock sitting above it and, while a grandfather clock would surely have to wait until I had a little bit of a bigger space (not to mention budget) I pictured a pendulum wall clock in my formal living room that was, in essence, a small version of a grandfather clock. However, I just assumed that all of these purchases would be out of my budget confines; and, more than that, I had this perception that clocks of this caliber were for wealthy people with interior designers.

This perception, of course, was completely off base; something I learned when I found this great website that had all I had ever dreamed of in terms of clocks. There I was able to find my mantel clock, my wall clock, and clocks I had never even thought existed, all completely accessible, completely my style, and well within my budget. This is my new reality!

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