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Posted February 6, 2013

At ClocksBlog and GrandfatherClocksBlog, we like to think that we have created the ultimate www.ClocksDirectory.com to understand the major grandfather clock brands, as well as the different high-end makers of wall clocks and mantel clocks. We also cover the different kind of clock styles, including the most obvious breakdown between contemporary clocks and traditional clocks. The different types of cases, whether for mantle clocks, grandmother clocks or grandfather clocks, or wall clocks, are also addressed.

There are not only different high-end makers, such as Howard Miller Clocks and Hermle Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks and Americana Clocks and Kieninger Clocks, yet also differences between brands, clock models of different types, grandfather clock cases, and clock movements whether mechanical cable driven or chain driven or quartz driven.

The chimes that a clock movement can have can also vary widely in quality. Currently, all of our mechanical grandfather clock, wall clock and mantle clock movements are made in Germany by wither Kieninger Clocks or Hermle Clocks. The features the movements have within each maker can also vary a lot, including illuminated dials, automatic nighttime shutoff, varying chimes including Westminster chimes, Ode to Joy chimes, Bim Bam, Ave Maria, and Whittington and St Michaels chimes. Almost all of these mechanical clocks will have a chime-silence option as well. Additionally, they will have a moonphase dial, either one that actually rotates or one that is fixed in place but there strictly for the overall look and design of the clock.

The cases, whether for Wall Clocks, Grandfather Clocks or Mantel Clocks, can be made of solid wood, metal or some other material such as wrought iron for a particular design theme. The woods can vary, as well as the wood stains, and some of the most popular are cherry, oak, mahogany, and walnut, as well as a black satin piano finish. Some are made of solid wood of the types described, and others are also made of solid wood, including hardwoods and veneers, which are stained to a specific type of wood finish.

Maintenance of any grandfather clock or wall or mantel clock over time is critical to its longevity and whether it will truly survive in its original state as an heirloom quality clock. At 1-800-4CLOCKS.com, we maintain a database of qualified clock repair and clock maintenance individuals all over the USA and most of Canada. These are individuals who are either certified by at least one of the clock companies for whom we are authorized dealers, or individuals who are experienced in working with antique clocks including antique grandfather clocks and antique grandmother clocks, as well as antique mantel clocks and antique wall clocks, and are either people with whom we have worked directly before or we have gotten positive feedback about.

Our goal is to have you covered, and to make sure you have all the clock resources at your disposal so that you can purchase the clock of your dreams, and then keep it running happily ever after.

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