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Clocks Are More Than For Telling Time - PERSONALITY

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Posted Sunday July 29, 2007

Clocks today are subject today more than ever to the question of why we need them for telling time. Your cell phone, whether a new Iphone by Apple, a Smart Phone by Treo, or one of the contract give-away phones from major providers like , AT&T or T-Mobile, all have the built in feature of time, frequently tied to the time of an atomic clock. Even a Sony PSP or a Nintendo DS Game System gives super accurate time. So why do people still want clocks, or even watches?

The answer is fairly straightforward, particularly for clocks - whether grandfather clocks, or mantel clocks - and wristwatches that are well made by established high-end brands. A timepiece in the history of clocks and watches has always been an extension on one’s personality, or one’s home decor or office ambience. Tourneau, one of the major retailers of watches, used to run an ad campaign selling watches cleverly talking about something like your “other face”.

In the history of clocks and watches, it has always been the most beautiful and well-made (or highest end and most prestigious) clocks and watches that have been most desired. A clock is still an extension of one’s personality, and the interior design and decoration of one’s home or office.

Clocks in their present form are here to stay! So are watches!

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