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Atomic Clocks in Presidential Elections

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Posted August 7, 2012

History, both political and horological, repeats itself. This is once again a hot topic with the 2012 USA presidential election rapidly approaching. Our Store, 1-800-4CLOCKS, which is a leader in grandfather clocks discounts and sells clocks of all types, was intrigued by inquiries received in advance of the November 6 Presidential Election, as they did for the November 4th Presidential Election in 2008.

The request was to purchase atomic wall clocks and atomic mantel clocks that could be used is polling places around the country, being especially helpful when it comes to closing time for the USA polls. Atomic clocks are known for their accuracy to within a tiny fraction of a second, and being able to synchronize polling closing times was seen as a major benefit.

Among the clocks considered for use on a grand scale were Howard Miller Atomic Clocks.

Which were chosen and used where? Unfortunately, we are still not at liberty to disclose.

We can say today, four years later, that we were not able to offer, yet, an atomic grandfather clock. Perhaps by the time the 2016 election comes around. We also have some wonderful Gigantic Clocks™ which we will be offering very soon with 2 and 3 inch-height numerals, and will with either red or stunning blue LCD numerals, with an atomic or radio-controlled feature to follow in the coming months, from now. Maybe we will add an LCD clock with white numerals by then, so we could offer time the patriotic way, in red, white and blue.

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