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Antique Grandfather Clocks GrandfatherClocks

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Posted November 21, 2009

Antique Grandfather Clocks offer a piece of history. Not only the history of time and timekeeping, but also a physical connection to the past. Heirloom quality grandfather clocks can be passed from generation to generation, and grandfather clock owners can take great pride and comfort in knowing that their grandfather clock is like a living connection spanning, potentially, centuries.

If you are not the lucky beneficiary of a high quality antique grandfather clock, and you are shopping for GrandfatherClocks, one might want to consider whether it is worthwhile to purchase an antique grandfather clock or whether to buy a new one from one of the high-end clock makers like Howard Miller Clocks, Hermle Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, or Bulova Clocks. Each approach has its pros and cons, and in many cases individual timepiece and clock collectors may have their wants and needs based on exogenous factors.

Antique GrandfatherClocks clocks have the advantage, assuming the clocks are all original, of being highly collectible, and potentially having a rich history themselves. For example, one grandfather clock near me right now was special ordered from Tiffany & Company by the Founder of Coca Cola as a gift to his daughter. The daughter lived in a well known hotel in her later years, and allowed the clock to be in the Lobby of a well known Atlanta hotel for many years. Upon her death, she bequeathed the clock to a Church, which had it in its rectory for many many years. In recent years, the Church decided for whatever reason that it wanted to sell this grandfather clock, and the lucky buyer of this historic grandfather clock happened to be in the right place at the right time. Now could any new grandfather clock have a story behind it like that?

So why would any grandfather clocks buyer think about buying a new grandfather clock instead of an antique grandfather clock. The reasons are many and varied, especially in this season where individuals are looking avidly for grandfather clocks discounts and for a grandfather clocks sale. To purchase an antique grandfather clock, a buyer really needs to know what he or she is doing, or there is a high likelihood one may either overspend in general on a clock, or more likely, not get what they really think they are getting. Reproductions of grandfather clocks or outright counterfeits are not that unusual. Clocks that are not all original, but rather parts of different clocks put together as one, known as marriages, can make a grandfather clock relatively worthless, or at least devalued to a small fraction of its monetary worth otherwise, from a collectibility standpoint.

Also, in terms of the features of a clock, not to mention the condition of the clock case and movement, can mean an antique will be significantly more expensive for a grandfather clock purchase for a comparable looking and sounding clock. Antique grandfather clocks will not have automatic nighttime shutoff, something introduced relatively recently as one of the grandfather clock features. It is unlikely one will find a triple-chime grandfather clock, unless one is willing to pay 2-3-5+ times the price for a comparable looking clock. A working moondial, or even having a moonphase that rotates, is a feature on most new grandfather clocks. Having that on an antique grandfather clock will add significantly to the cost.

Want a contemporary grandfather clock? Well, then your choices are pretty much limited to the newer ones.

Probably the biggest distinction and point to be mindful of when shopping for a grandfather clock is that an antique clock has the potential to be both a money pit and an ongoing headache, with much higher repair and service bills. This does not even include the fact that there may also be restoration costs and that fact that it is much harder to find someone (one of the reasons it is so much more costly) who can work on antique grandfather clocks. The potential for wood restoration, where a furniture or cabinetry expert, or possibly someone who works with inlay, may also be an added cost and consume a lot of time.

Any antique clock should be bought recognizing that there is a reasonable chance that it may end up being what we call a project clock, which requires a series of efforts over time with different experts.

Advantages to antique grandfather clocks are they they are general louder, assuming one finds this to be a benefit, and if one gets a good deal on an antique grandfather clock that is the genuine article, it is likely to hold its value better, and also more likely, in our opinion, to increase in value over time.

Interestingly, when factoring in the above issues, which we don’t think many grandfather clocks shoppers do anyway, the vary large majority of grandfather clock and grandmother clock shoppers tend to go for new clocks, both said that they know they will be working “out of the container” and they no there will be no surprises. The rich features of the new clocks help too. And there are more easy choices to go with ones home decor or while doing interior decorating or interior design.

Regardless, there is one common denominator among grandfather clocks shoppers. A grandfather clocks discount and a grandfather clocks sale is always welcome and sought after by shoppers of all kinds of clocks. Go figure.

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