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Antique Clocks Have Drawbacks

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Posted: Friday, July 18th, 2008

Antique clocks are beautiful to look at but in many instances they just do not deliver in terms of functionality. I once ran across a beautiful antique clock at an estate sale and I purchased it on the spot. I loved the way it looked but I was never able to bring it back in terms of functioning properly. Because it did not actually tell the time, the uniqueness of the clock was somewhat minimized, it almost looked plastic because the hands didn't move and before long I just took it out of the room in which I had placed it, opting instead for something that still had life within it.

I was able to find this amazing website that allowed me to find all of the clock styles with which I was enamored but with modern functionality that would allow me to always have a working clock in the room that I had chosen.

I began with a wall clock in the family room; a miniature looking grandfather clock that hung on the wall above the couch. While this is normally a more traditional design, I chose a wall clock that was more modern in design, made from lighter woods and utilizing wrought iron parts that made it a more contemporary fixture in the room.

In the living room I choose a grandmother clock as I did not have quite the ceiling height to pull off the use of a grandfather clock. I chose a more traditional styled grandmother clock with ornate carvings and traditional wood. It plays a beautiful melody every hour on the hour.

Above the fireplace I replaced the antique mantel clock with a clock that looks similar in design but has a modern technology. Now the room comes to life with the ticking of a beautiful clock , that looks beautiful and works perfectly.

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